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Achievement Unlocked: Profit’s 5k Final Blows

Every once in awhile the question appears on Twitter or Reddit, who is the ‘Faker’ of Overwatch? Sanghyeok ‘Faker’ Lee is not only an icon in the League of Legends world but in the overall esport community. Though it seems as if Overwatch has been out for a long time, in the grand scheme of things, it is one of the younger games. To crown a ‘Faker’ in Overwatch might be rushing things, but Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park certainly makes his case for the title. During Week 3 of Season 4 of the Overwatch League Profit became the first player to achieve 5,000 final blows.


As time has passed the distinction between a couple of seasons of the APEX matters less and less. Though Profit was not a player until the last season of the APEX, he is still seen as one of the long-standing players in the community. It was because of Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong that he got into GC Busan, and that friendship, as well as partnership, has lasted his whole career so far.

As a DPS player, many times, these players are categorized into two groups, projectile or hitscan. Profit shows that he can bridge that gap, making him a highly skilled and valuable player as he can flex onto almost any character. He has incredible highlight reels on Pharah, Genji, Tracer, and Ashe. Not to mention during the GOATs era he was the designated Zarya player for the squad.

When he was a part of the London Spitfire for the first two seasons of the Overwatch League he achieved winning the whole of the inaugural season as well as gaining the MVP. His Season 4 APEX win also is another star on his resume. One of the only achievements he hasn’t had yet is being a part of the South Korean OWWC team.

5k Final Blows – Season 4

Profit has been so consistent and flexible which was a major factor in being the first to achieve this goal. He was rarely subbed out during these four seasons. The long playtime as well as skilled DPS moments combined to get him to that landmark 5k final blows.

This moment happened in the Dynasty’s knockout match against the Chengdu Hunters. It took all the way until the third map of Blizzard World for it to finally occur. Profit, fittingly, was on his signature hero of Tracer. When he finished off Wenjie ‘Elsa’ Lou who was on Zarya he secured his place in history.

This is not the first achievement that Profit has unlocked. Last season, Profit also reached the first milestone of getting 10,000 eliminations within the Overwatch League. This helped disperse chattering that Profit was washed up or not working as hard as he could be. He solidified his place as one of the most dangerous DPS throughout the seasons in the Overwatch League so far.

Though a good percentage of these kills, both the 5,000 and 10,000, would be from his London Spitfire days, his DPS synergy with Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim has helped him a lot achieve this goal. FITS has taken on the role of pumping out damage, while Profit sneaks in to finish it off. The two of them work together to create opportunities to take down their opponents.


The community reaction was both positive and negative, but not how one might think. It was overwhelmingly positive in celebration of Profit’s achievement. The community felt underwhelmed by how it was celebrated. Jaehyeok ‘Carpe’ Lee was hot on his tail for 5,000 final eliminations. He also just achieved the 10,000 overall eliminations this season. Some community members felt that if it had been Carpe to gain this honor first, there would have been more fan fair around it.

Though this is an unproven theory, it does reflect some of the sentiment that APAC fans feel with the different treatments of the regions. Hopefully, this stays as an unvalidated fan theory. Even if the League did not celebrate the moment like the fans hoped, it was the community that came out in droves to congratulate him on the success. This shows the community and a positive side that can be forgotten from time to time of the overall support fans have for the players in the League whether they are a part of their favorite team or not.

Achievements Unlocked: Profit 5,000

Congratulations to Profit for another accomplishment. He is definitely a forerunner in the discussion of GOAT or the ‘Faker’ of Overwatch. Maybe someday people will use him to compare the achievement levels of other players. Hopefully there are many more first achievements in Profit’s future in the upcoming season.

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