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Seoul Dynasty

A Week of Mini Gen.G and Seoul Dynasty News

Dynasty News

The Seoul Dynasty may not have a lot of content lately, but this last week did give Tiger Nation some crumbs. It was a full week of a lot of small bits of content from fan events being planned or published to Gen.G putting out an award annoucement. Here is a breakdown of the Dynasty news that happened this week.

Tiger Nation Awards

Gen.G, the parent company of the Seoul Dynasty, is having their first awards for 2021. This is to celebrate some of the best moments of the 2021 seasons across games. Some of the categories are Rookie of the Year, Duo of the Year,  Play of the year, Meme of the year, along with a few others. Though League of Legends is the most prominent game featured in these categories, Seoul Dynasty comes in second-most.  Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park and Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim snagged the ‘Best Duo’ nomination as well as a few ‘Play of the Year’ nominations.

The voting period is between November 20 to November 24 KST. Place your vote for the Seoul Dynasty players in the voting period!

Fan Event

Lunch Box Event

The fans are trying to put together a lunch box event for the players and staff. This would be to cheer on the players and staff for the incoming season. Of course, with Covid, this would be only if Gen.G would permit it. This is a normal fan event that happens in esports or even regular celebrity schedules. Fans are hoping that they will be able to show their support and faith in the team by sponsoring a meal for the players and staff.

Profit’s Birthday

Courtesy of Profit’s Instagram

Fans also prepared a gift event for Profit’s Birthday. During his Birthday he did a twitch stream where he not only played Overwatch but had a just chatting section as well. He posted a picture of him as well as all of the gifts that he received on his social media. It was a fun event that fans got to help celebrate Profit’s birthday with him.

Beyond the Game

The Seoul Dynasty released the first episode of their new series beyond the game. This gives the Tiger Nation a look at what is happening behind the scenes. It was refreshing to see the staff behind the scenes be highlighted. Changeun ‘Changoon’ Park and Seongwon ‘MMA’ Mun are both coaches that are more in the public eye. But the insight that they brought allowed the community to really understand their prerogative as well as coaching style.

Wonsoon Park of the Seoul Dynasty partnership team representative communicated how the sponsors come to be. Sofia Cha who is on the marketing team explained the connection between their job of highlighting the players’ in-game performances and = to show the players’ unique personalities. Paul Park as the manager explained how he is in charge of the communications between the league and the team. He is there with the team to inform them of any issues and to solve the programs. Such responsibilities can be the technology elements on game day and preparation.

It was great to see how these unsung members of the team were able to explain their job in relation to the Seoul Dynasty. Many times fans might not think of all the hard work that is going on as they just see the players on stage. But it takes a village to ensure that everything is in place for the players to thrive. It was also a bit of nostalgia to see the old players from last season who is no longer with the team in the video. It will be interesting to see the next installment of Beyond the Game to see where this series will take the community.

Dynasty News

Though there was no big news when it came to the Seoul Dynasty, there was plenty to think about with smaller announcements. With all this chatter it makes the community even more excited for the next season of the Overwatch League to start. It was a busy week of Dynasty News and hopefully, it will only ramp up when it gets closer to the season’s start.

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