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A breakdown of the Seoul Dynasty’s Schedule


The Season 4 schedule was released during the Blizzcon weekend. This is the first look at what the next few months up until August are going to look like. The Seoul Dynasty are in the eastern conference of the APAC region. That group includes The Chengdu Hunters, the Shanghai Dragons, the Guanzhou Charge, the Hangzhou Spark, the NYXL, the Philadelphia Fusion and the LA Valiant. The London Spitfire have left the APAC region to rejoin NA, while the Fusion and Valiant have joined. Here is the breakdown of the schedule for the Seoul Dynasty’s Season 4 matches in the Overwatch League.

General Information

The Seoul Dynasty will be playing eight weeks of the regular season and 16 matches. This does not include the mini-tournaments. The team will be playing each team in their region at least twice. There is an exception of two teams that they will face three times. The Seoul games always seem to be around the 5 am to 6:30 am est starting time. It seems with the APAC region that there is a pattern to the games. There are a set of six teams that will play each other that weekend and there are no single matches. That is unlike NA which team will only play once a weekend. In the APAC each team that plays a weekend will have two matches.


The schedule for the APAC teams seems fairer than the NA schedule. When a team only has to prepare for one team instead of two and their opponent is preparing for two there is already a natural edge. They do not need to split attention between teams or be fearful for revealing tactics in the first match of the weekend.

Most of their matches are nicely spread out. There is no situation like last season when the Seoul Dynasty faced the London Spitfire 3 times in two weekends. Also, they have a week break in each mini-tournament format. This will help with burnout and allow for coaches to properly prepare for the matches.



Provided by: Shanghai Dragons Social Media

Shanghai Dragons. There is no doubt that the powerhouse of the APAC team is going to be the Shanghai Dragons yet again. They are, of course, one of the teams that the Seoul Dynasty are going to have to face three times this season instead of two (not including any tournament run-in that there might be). These are going to be three hard matches. That said when the Dragons and the Dynasty face each other it always leads to great Overwatch.

Though it is fairer to have each team play twice a weekend, it is also more exhausting. The prep that has to go into two matches a weekend is of course more than if it were a single match. This means that there are weekends that the fans won’t get to see them play at all, which is sad. Many fans, especially those who are in NA, will wake up to watch their specific team play and then just stay up to watch the rest.

Seoul Dynasty Season 4 Schedule

No matter the schedule the Seoul Dynasty are going to try their hardest to come out on top. They have had a taste of victory that was snatched from them at the last minute. If anything, the enticement of getting that star on the banner is enough motivation in itself to propel the team forwards. Here is to Tiger Nation hoping for an excellent season no matter who they play against.

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