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5 Takeaways from the Justice & Dynasty Open Scrims

The open scrims that the Seoul Dynasty and the Washington Justice had on March 1 were a ball of chaos. Hocheol ‘Hocury’ Lee who used to be a part of the Seoul Dynasty until recently is now a part of the Washington Justice, which already brought a fun component to the matches. On top of that fact, it brought back together a lot of old friendships. It was at an odd time for many, so here is a breakdown of the top five interesting Seoul Dynasty tidbits that came from the open scrim.

Profit’s injury

Tiger Nation were confused to see Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park sitting next to Changgeun ‘Changgoon’ Park on the Youtube stream when the teams were getting set up for their first map. It seems as if Profit has injured his wrist from over-practicing. His wrist has been injured for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t hurt so much that he couldn’t participate in the later more ‘fun’ matches. Profit seemed more worried about his cellphone than his wrist on the live stream.

It was reassuring to see him step back into the game during the Apex vs Newbie game as well as the 4v4 match, which showed that the injury isn’t that severe. The Seoul Dynasty have experienced this with Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang in earlier seasons when he was out for a wrist injury. No doubt Gen.G is watching over to make sure Profit gets the right medical care to have his wrist heal. Luckily for the fans, the Overwatch League official start is still a ways off, so that there is plenty of time for him to heal up.

DPS Duo of Fits and Saebyeolbe

A consequence of Profit being out because of his wrist injury meant that it was Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park who got to play in all three of the official/more serious matches. Previously in the NeXT tournament, he was only seen on a couple of maps. Profit played most of the time during the previous event. This time the community got to see and be reminded of how insane Saebyeolbe is on DPS. He stayed mostly on Tracer during the first three matches. It showed how he still has the skill and the precision with the hero. He combo-ed with Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim to effectively use his ults. He seemed much more synergized with the team now than he did in the previous matches.

FITS popped off. Some of the shots that he was making on Window and Ashe were insane. On the defense on Dorado FITS pulled out Widow and hit some great shots. In the APEX vs Newbies’ games, he was mostly on the supports of Ana and Bap, but was really good and helped the Newbies pull through. FITS has been on the rise since the end of Season 2 and continues to surprise the community at how high his skill ceiling seems to be.


It wasn’t just the DPS that made an impression during the open scrims. It had been semi-controversial that the Seoul Dynasty kept putting Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang on off-tank when the team had Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi on the bench in Season 3. The team for these scrims didn’t once put the duo of Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong and Marve1 together but has seemingly doubled down on Hyeonwoo ‘Toyou’ Lim as their off-tank. This was even more evident when the two teams were on Nepal Sanctuary and it was Toyou who was on Sigma, while Marve1 was on ball. Marve1 is the self-proclaimed SigmaKing and to see the Dynasty pulling him back into main tank and not flexing him over to Sigma was huge.

The chaos of Apex/ Newbies

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty

The English stream of the scrims was on the Washington Justice channel. The Justice had AVRL on alongside Pre to give commentary and chat about the Justice. The Seoul Dynasty decided to show the chaos that is behind the production side of the Overwatch League. They opted for Changgoon to be in the Discord with the players and hear their callouts and screams.

It was really nice to hear the familiarity the players have with each other. Gesture, Profit, Junho ‘Fury’ Kim, and Wonsik ‘Closer’ Jung were all on the London Spitfire inaugural season team together. The call-outs of the Newbies and the APEX veterans were loud and chaotic. It was to the point of wondering if they were screaming to just scream.

The teams mostly had their players on off-brand heroes. Marve1 on Junkrat, Toyou on Mercy, Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim on Tracer were just some of the chaos that ensued. Not only were players on heroes they usually don’t play, but Saebyeolbe stopped in and joined Changgoon in the stream. It was enjoyable to hear the commentary of the two.

This is so essential. The players having fun and able to take the game a little less seriously. It helped prevent burnout and can help remind the players of the joy that the game brings. To hear the players screaming and laughing in the comms made the experience even better. There wasn’t any pressure. It allowed them to take a break while playing with old and new friends.


In the end, it was a two, one victory for the Justice, though with scrims it is a little different as the teams just play through the maps. The Justice proved how potentially strong they were and the Dynasty showed that they can function without Profit if needed. In the end, it was a fun open scrim for the community to watch. As Overwatch is huge on strategies, it is doubtful that this will be a common occurrence, unlike other esport scenes such as Call of Duty, but it was a fun time. It brought into question how would the impending season be like if the Washington Justice had gone to the APAC region instead of staying in North America for Season 4.

Here is the link to watch the scrim. The Seoul Dynasty has their stream as unlisted but will be probably turned into a video later on.

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