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Seoul Dynasty Stage 1 Playoff Preview

The Seoul Dynasty (4-3)

Week 5 Recap

The Seoul Dynasty Win!!
Photo courtesy of Stewart Volland For Blizzard Entertainment

London Spitfire: 3-0

The score line does not do justice for how close this series was. The inaugural season Champion, London Spitfire, had Seoul on the ropes. This four map series had close fights on control and hybrid with the series being decided over a draw on assault.

Baek “Fissure”Chan-hyung would be punished a few times for his “in-your-face” play style. The Dynasty would always prevail, backing up their main tank and winning the fight. Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi would have a great series in shutting down London’s Graviton Surge chances.


Player of the Week: 

As stated above, two strong tanks were able to do well in this series to carry out the victory and send Seoul into playoffs. Which is why Seungsoo “Jecse” Lee is the player of the week. Utilizing all of Lúcio’s kit to enable his team.

In speeding the team, Jecse was the core reason for Seoul’s timely engagements. There was at one point that Jecse used a Sound Barrier to counter a London self destruct to keep the Dynasty sustained in a fight. Showing that his timing was impeccable.



New York Excelsior: 7-0 (3/22)

Seoul Dynasty Walk Out
Photo courtesy of Stewart Volland For Blizzard Entertainment

A rematch from week three of regular play, Seoul look to extract their revenge. It wont be easy against the second seed, NYXL. The score in their previous match was NYXL winning 3-1 in a very close series with teams struggling to break through each others defenses on a few maps. Within their side of the bracket, the winner of this match will face either the San Francisco Shock or Toronto Defiant. That is pending on the outcome of their match on the same day.

It seems that Seoul has learned from their mistakes from that exact match up. In their playoff qualifying match against London in Week 5, Seoul showed that they were more controlled than when they faced New York in Week 3. The ability to shut down a destructive Zarya while having their own exsplosive combos is what they will need to break through the defenses of Donggyu “Mano” Kimand and Yeonkwan Nenne” Jeong.

Prediction: Seoul lose 2-3

Although coming off a hot win against London, Seoul will finally experience the playoff pressure that is NYXL. This will be the first stage playoffs that all members except Fissure for Seoul have been a part of. Against a New York team, who won two stages last season and are undefeated through the regular season for a reason.

Player to Watch

Photo Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Michelle did not have as big as an impact on the series in the last match against New York compared to the one against London. Through more time on stage and with the team, Michelle has all the power with their flexibility to control the pace of each fight.

Since coming into the league, Sombra and have been the two heroes Michelle has played the most. Shutting down strong teams in their chances to end a fight with a graviton surge, or silencing the entire team with his own EMP. In hopes to enable an aggressive front line with co-tank, Fissure, Michelle will have his work cut out for them.




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