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San Francisco Shock: Stage 1 Week 2 Preview

The Shock came out with a brand new roster last week and did…well, though it’s hard to definitively say how well they did. On one hand, they slaughtered Dallas and barely lost to the Gladiators. On the other hand, some might chalk up the Fuel loss to poor play by Dallas, and the Gladiators game probably could have been won had the Shock not made a few egregious errors.

Dallas Fuel (1-1)

The Fuel didn’t exactly look that great in their first game of the season, and the Shock took advantage. Dallas was getting ripped apart at every opportunity with well timed ultimates. Some good old fashioned skill and game knowledge all contributed to the massacre. The Fuel barely got any momentum going at all, and the Shock cruised to a smooth 4-0 victory.

Player of the Game: Min-ho “Architect” Park

Photo Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

The Shock are a team that is already showing it’s flexibility. No player epitomizes this quite as well as Architect. Architect did make a few appearances on some of his trademark DPS heroes, where he played quite well.

That being said, Architect really thrived against the Fuel, playing support of all things. His Brigitte was played flawlessly, as he came in with some clutch stuns and got Rally up like it was nobodies business. He even got to showcase his skills on Ana, where he was able to keep everyone healthy with ease against the D.Va-less comp the Fuel were running. Architect had an excellent game on every Hero that he played, and that’s saying something considering how many different Heroes and roles he ended up flexing to.

Los Angeles Gladiators (1-1)

The Shock’s second game wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first game was. The Gladiators are admittedly a tough opponent, but the Shock could have won this had they made a few better plays. The synergy between Jay “Sinatraa” Won and Matthew “Super” DeLisi seemed weaker, and a few of the substitutions were questionable.

Despite this, however, the Shock still managed to make this game extremely close, going to a fifth map before finally petering out. This game was close, but if the Shock had cut down on the mistakes a little bit they could have come away with the victory.

Player of the Game: Benjamin “BigGoose” Isohanni

No one on the Shock really excelled in the Gladiator game. There was a lot of average play, and some below average play, but rarely anything great. BigGoose, on the other hand, was great. BigGoose came in sporting a Lucio that was not only flashy, but also incredibly effective. His boops truly channeled the spirit of DSPStanky, separating the team and allowing the Gladiators to pick off key targets. Truly an outstanding performance from Los Angeles’ Lucio player.

Upcoming Game: Vancouver Titans (1-0)

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Titans may have had their monopoly on the expansion team hype market quashed a little bit by Hangzhou and Paris, but don’t let that fool you. This team has incredible potential. Absolutely pounding the Dragons in their first game was just a warm up for what is yet to come for the team formerly known as Runaway. This will be Vancouver’s first week with two games, and the Shock are definitely the bigger challenge (with the other game that Vancouver plays this week being against the Charge).

It will be interesting to see how Vancouver can stack up against a team as unpredictable and mechanically sound as the Shock are. This is a huge game for both teams, and will really show the league what both the Shock and the Titans are made out of.

Player to Watch: Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Photo Courtesy of the Evolved Talent Agency

Sinatraa had an interesting week last week. He was absolutely dominant in the Fuel game before looking below average in the Gladiator game. Synergy with Super was an issue against Los Angeles, and a few of his gravitons were questionable as well. Sinatraa will look to bounce back against Vancouver.

He has incredible mechanical skill, but the consistency issues that plagued him in season one seemed to have persisted to a certain extent. The Shock have a very good chance of winning if Sinatraa shows up in full force, but things might get nasty if he doesn’t.


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