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Overwatch League Recap: San Francisco Shock vs. Shanghai Dragons

Shock Win 4-0

Starting Lineup

Grant “Moth” Espe

Min-ki “Viol2t” Park

Matthew “Super” DeLisi

Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim

Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi


The Shock came out with a Dive GOATs on Gardens, while the Dragons went with a Pharmercy/Hamster composition. The Dragons took control of the point first, but the Shock took it back. The Dragons swapped to their trademark Sombra GOATs, and they recapped fairly quickly with this composition. The Dragons didn’t relent the point for the rest of the map, and the Shock lost the first point of Oasis.

City Center featured the Shock going to a Moira GOATs, while the Dragons went back to the Pharmercy. San Francisco managed to take the point first on this point, and the Dragons once gain swapped to Sombra GOATs. This time it didn’t work out for them, and the Shock managed to take City Center easily.

University kicked off with the now rare Slambulance composition from the Shock against the Dragon’s Sombra GOATs. This allowed them to take the first fight, but Rascal swapped off the Roadhog once the Dragon’s won their first fight. The Shock responded quickly in kind, recapturing the point The Shock didn’t relinquish their position again, and San Francisco took Oasis.

Shock Win 2-1



Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock’s GOATs comp managed to pulverize the Dragons’ weird Pharmercy defense, as the GOATs healing was just too much for the Pharah to punch through. The Shock then proceeded to snowball the Dragons, taking both points in very short order.

The Dragons decided to bring out their trademark Sombra GOATs comp. This resulted in a pretty quick cap as well, and the Dragons proceeded to strike back and attempt to snowball, with a miracle shatter from Super allowing the Shock to barely hold off the Dragons. The Dragons then took the point in their next attempt, giving them a good time bank to work with.

It was the same comps from both teams as the Shock went on the defense. The Shock managed to hold off the Dragons for their first few attempts, but eventually the Dragons punched through before snowballing through into Point B and allowing them to take the lead 4-2.

That lead was short lived, however, as the Shock went on the attack. And what an attack it was, as the Shock did exactly what they did in their first attempt, smashing through the Dragon’s Pharmercy defense and tying up the series.

The Dragons’ stayed with their Sombra GOATs on their attacking effort. The Dragons did end up picking up a tick, but it wasn’t enough as the Shock went with their trademark GOATs and took the point easily, allowing them to take a commanding 2-0 series lead.

Shock Win 5-4


The Shock started off King’s Row with an Ana GOATs defense, while the Dragons went with an unorthodox dive comp featuring Doomfist, Pharmercy, and Widow. The Shock held off this defense for a couple pushes, but eventually the Dragons used sheer damage to power through. The Shock then locked down the Dragons for their next few pushes despite a few compositional switches from both sides. Unfortunately the Shock’s defense proceeded to collapse somewhat, and they ended up completing the map in OT.

The Shock elected to go with a standard GOATs on offense. The Dragons stymied the Shock’s offense for the first few pushes, but eventually the Shock muscled through. The Dragons then pulled out a couple of defensive holds, but the Shock ended up getting to the second checkpoint with a minute to go. The Shock then managed to pull through and complete the map with just less than a minute to go.

The Dragons went with the same extreme damaging composition that they went out with on their first attack. The Shock’s defense collapsed under the constant onslaught of the Dragons, and the Dragons were only barely stopped right before the second checkpoint.

The Shock decided to go with a Moira GOATs comp on offense with the streak on the line. The Shock got a very quick cap onto Point A, and the payload began to move with more than a minute left. A poor EMP gave the Shock an opportunity, and they took it, as the Shock completed the map and won the series.

Shock win 5-4



Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock elected to go with some GOATs defense against the Dragon’s Pharmercy. The Dragons got the cart going on their second push, and they completed A relatively easily. The Dragons kept up the momentum through B, and they continued to smash their way through Rialto. It took some ultimates, but the Shock finally halted the payload. The Dragons would not be totally stopped, however, and they ended up completing the map.

The Shock went with a Moira GOATs on their offensive attack. A quick pick gave the Shock some momentum, and they took A in incredibly short order. The Dragons halted the Shock midway through B, but they got it going again and took B quickly. The Shock kept up the momentum into C, and put up an insane time on Rialto.

The Shock went with a Roadhog tricky composition in order to surprise the Dragons right outside their spawn door. The Shock did end up losing the second fight, but the Dragons were forced to run a very strange composition and burn some ultimates in the process. The Dragons managed to make this unorthodox composition work, as Shanghai took take A. The Shock stabilized shortly after A, however.

The Shock’s final attack featured a Moira GOATs composition. Constant pressure from the Shock allowed them to take point A very quickly, and a very unfortunate splitspawn allowed the Shock to take the map and complete the perfect stage.

Shock Win 5-4


The Perfect Stage

Well, they did it. The Shock achieved perfection in stage two, becoming the first team to ever achieve anything like this. This is incredibly impressive no matter how you slice it, and the Shock will no doubt be top contenders going into the playoffs.

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