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Overwatch League Recap: San Francisco Shock vs. Paris Eternal

San Francisco Shock Win 3-1

Starting Lineup:

Grant “Moth” Espe

Min-ki “Viol2t” Park

Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi

Matthew “Super” DeLisi

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim

Jay “Sinatraa” Won



Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Sanctum kicked off with Dive-GOATs on both sides. The Shock didn’t start this map off well, with some coordination issues hampering the Shock’s attacking attempts. San Francisco eventually took the point. The Shock then worked out their coordination issues and managed to scrape together a round victory.

Standard GOATs was brought out by both teams on Shrine. Paris got an early pick and took the point first again. Paris had complete control  until OT, when the Shock managed to take the point back. It was the Shocks turn to put together a lockdown defense, and they managed to take Shrine after a shaky start, giving them a lead.

Shock Win 2-0


The Shock brought out the GOATs comp on attack on Hollywood, and took point A with relative ease.. Point B was a breeze as well, with the Shock having complete control. They were only stopped meters away from the finish line. The very next push sealed the deal, giving the Shock a good time on Hollywood.  

San Francisco didn’t change their comp at all for the defense. This defense on A was absolutely excellent, with the Shock using their ultimates to perfection. The Eternal managed to scrape out the cap in OT. Paris actually put together a decent push, but the Shock ended up halting the payload just before point B.

Shock Win 3-1

Horizon Lunar Colony

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock ran a GOATs comp on the HLC defense. They put together a very solid defense on point A. A flank shatter by Super was the highlight of the point, but the Shock were overall incredibly steadfast. Only a huge ultimate advantage allowed Paris to grab the point in OT. There was a bit of a scary moment for the Shock when Paris attempted to snowball, but ChoiHyoBin ate a grav and the Shock managed to stabilize. Unfortunately the Shock did get mowed down eventually, and Paris completed the map with a minute to go.

The Shock brought out the GOATs again on offense, and Paris put together a pretty good defense on point A. A miracle bomb from ChoiHyoBin allowed the Shock to take the point. Paris stemmed the bleeding a little bit on B, but the Shock eventually muscled through with a good time bank.

San Francisco brought out the Bastion on defense, which forced the Eternal to bring out a full dive that included Shadowburn on Genji. San Francisco managed to smash this dive, not even allowing Paris to take a tick.

The Shock decided to eschew the cheese and bring out GOATs on attack. They managed to smash through the defense on the first try, and the Shock took the map and the series.

Shock Win 3-2


The Shock unsurprisingly went with the GOATs on defense, and an incredibly scrappy first fight ended up going in their favor. The Shock then set up shop on point A, putting together a pretty good defense. Only a miracle bomb by Paris allowed the Eternal to take point A. The Eternal then smashed through point B easily, and the Shock attempted to put together a defense for point C. Paris almost completed the map on their first attempt through C, but the Shock finally stabilized and stopped the Eternal with a few meters to go.

The Shock went with the time tested GOATs on offense for Dorado. They won the first fight, but the Eternal managed to get a key stop right before the checkpoint. Paris then put together a very solid defense, and the Shock were completely shut down.

Eternal Win 3-0

A Solid Showing

Losing Dorado was admittedly a little disappointing, but this was still a solid showing from the Shock. San Francisco absolutely needed to win this game, and they managed to pull it off pretty comfortably. It was a little messier than some of their previous games, but ending the stage 4-3 with the schedule they had to deal with is definitely an accomplishment.


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