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Overwatch League Recap: San Francisco Shock vs Florida Mayhem

San Francisco Shock vs Florida Mayhem

San Francisco Shock (14-4) vs Florida Mayhem (1-15)

Final Score: Shock 4-0 Mayhem

This went, more or less, as expected. The Mayhem are in the midst of a rebuild and the Shock are looking as hot as ever. These things led to a very quick, although at some points very strange, 4-0 victory for the Shock over the Mayhem. With this win, the Shock move to 2-0 on the week.

Nepal: Shock 2-0 Mayhem

The Mayhem came out with a composition that may be all too familiar to players trapped in ELO Hell, running five damage dealing heroes. Despite this, the Shock managed to level things out and take Village. Moving to Sanctum, the Shock looked equally as impressive and took advantage of the disheveled play of the Mayhem. This led to a quick first map win, going up in the series 1-0.

Volskaya Industries: Shock 3-2 Mayhem

Volskaya kicked off with the Shock by simply pressing W and running at the Mayhem. Both Point A and Point B were taken with ease, leaving more than six minutes left on the clock. This was the second fastest attack time on Volskaya of all time. On Florida’s offense, they took advantage of the Shock’s choice to run Reinhardt, however, this momentum slowed down at Point B. The Shock, with a significant advantage in the time bank, were able to make relatively quick work of the remainder of the round. They go up 2-0 heading into halftime.

Numbani: Shock 5-4 Mayhem

After the half, both of the teams came back on stage ready to do battle yet again. On Numbani, both teams were able to complete the full map, although the Shock with significantly more time. This proved significant as the Shock were able to easily match Florida’s time bank push. The Shock were able to come away with this map and the series as a result.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar: Shock 3-0 Mayhem

With the series in the books, both teams took to the final payload map of the series. The Shock looked strong on this map, as they usually do, completing their attack with ease. The trend of the match continued on defense as the Shock managed to hold the Mayhem before the first point. This completed a predictably dominant series, ending 4-0 in favor of the Shock.

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