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Overwatch League Recap: San Francisco Shock v. Shanghai Dragons

Shock Win 3-1

Starting Lineup

Hyo-Bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi

Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Matthew “Super” DeLisi

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim

Grant “Moth” Espe

Min-ki “Viol2t” Park


Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

The Shock decided to go with an old favorite Slambulance composition on University. The Roadhog was immediately put to good use, as the Shock picked off the Dragon’s Sombra and gave San Francisco an early cap. The Shock took the next fight as well, but a large ultimate investment allowed the Dragons to take the point. The Shock then swapped to a traditional GOATs comp, and managed to retake the point after a few wasted attacks. San Francisco then won the next fight thanks to an aggressive Graviton by Sinatraa, allowing the Shock to take the point.

The Shock went with a traditional GOATs on Gardens. This allowed them to net the first cap, but unfortunately not much went well for them other than that. The Dragons comfortably beat the Shock on this map.

City Center was another naibiter, but in the end of the day the Dragons ended up taking it, and finally halting the Shock’s historic map win streak.

Shanghai Wins 2-1


The Shock decided to go with a Baptiste variant of GOATs on defense, but the Dragon’s Pharah comp mauled this defense and forced the Shock to switch to a Sombra composition. This eventually stopped the parade right before the point B checkpoint, after which the Dragons went to a Sombra composition of their own. The Shock bought themselves a few minutes, but the Dragons eventually pushed on through. Shanghai then began a very slow crawl forward on C, and Hangzhou ended up denying the Dragons a map completion.

The Orange n’ Grey went with a traditional GOATs composition on attack. The Shock got an extremely quick cap onto point A and they continued to rapidly move forward onto B. San Francisco then set sail as they smashed the Dragons and got to the first checkpoint with a massive time bank. The Shock then got a key pick onto the Dragon’s Reinhardt and the Shock smashed through Eichenwalde, allowing them to tie the series.

Shock Win 3-2


Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock decided to go with an Ana GOATs on defense here, while the Dragons went with the Sombra GOATs. This proved to be an effective defensive strategy, as the Shock played a very aggressive defense and clobbered the Dragon’s first two pushes. The Dragon’s eventually took A after a few minutes, however. San Francisco then attempted to establish a defense on B with the same composition. Unfortunately, the Dragons bided their time and saved their ults, allowing them to break through with 3 minutes to go.

The Dragon’s odd Pharmercy/GOATs frankencomp forced the Shock to go with a Moira GOATs on their attack. The Dragons then proceeded to absolutely slaughter the Shock’s attempts at an offensive push. The Shock had to invest all of their ultimates just to avoid getting full held. The Dragons then held the Shock off for a couple more minutes, but the Shock eventually took both points.

San Francisco then went with their Moira GOATs again on their offense. An incredibly scrappy fight ended up going in the Shock’s favor, and they managed to take point A. The Shock then motored on through and somehow managed to take both points in OT.

The Shock decided to eschew the Ana this time around and go with a more standard GOATs. San Francisco achieved a few early picks that allowed them to handily take the first few attacks. The Shock managed to get the Dragons down to their final push, after which the Shock won a very scrappy final fight despite losing Viol2t early.

Shock Win 4-2


Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

San Francisco were forced to play a Moira GOATs as Shanghai ran with their odd Pharmercy/GOATs composition. This actually held the Shock off of A for a decent amount of time, as they were forced to invest heavily in order to break this defense. Unfortunately the Dragons stayed on the Pharah for too long and allowed the Shock to gain momentum onto point B. A last minute switch onto Sombra wasn’t enough, as the Shock managed to achieve a decent two minute time bank.

They went with an Ana GOATs on defense, while the Dragons back to the Pharah. This initially managed to break the Shock with relative effectiveness, but the Shock stabilized right before the first checkpoint. The Dragons finally shoved through thanks to a few clutch ults, but their time bank was very poor. Shanghai pushed for a little bit onto B, but a large Grav by Sinatraa sealed the deal.

Shock Win 3-1

Cause for Concern?

The most important thing here is that the Shock got the win and moved on to the semifinals. And yet, there is a nagging feeling that this could have gone extremely poorly for the Shock. One could make a very strong argument in favor of the Dragons beating themselves here, as they made some questionable composition choices and straight up threw on Paris. The Shock are still a strong and dangerous team, but the match being this close is…worrying.


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Featured Photo Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

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