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Overwatch League Recap: San Francisco Shock v. Guangzhou Charge

Shock Win 4-0


Grant “Moth” Espe

Min-ki “Viol2t” Park

Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi

Matthew “Super” DeLisi

Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim



Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock went with a standard GOATs on Downtown, and they immediately took control. The Shock began to gain percentage, playing an unusually passive style and baiting the Charge into making mistakes. This was a dominant showing, and the Shock took the point easily.

MEKA Base featured the Shock running Sombra and Moira into a triple DPS comp from the Charge. The Shock got a fast pick and quickly capped the point. The Shock then established a chokehold onto the Charge, forcing them into as many uncomfortable situations as they could. The Charge eventually recapped, but the Shock got it into OT. The Charge then established a defensive hold, but an early pick onto the supports allowed the Shock to retake the point.

Shock Win 2-0


San Francisco rolled out featuring a Baptiste GOATs comp. They got an early pick onto the Charge’s Zen and took point A easily. The Shock then utilized the snowball effect to take a tick, but they were pushed back. The Charge then established a decent defense, but the Shock did muscle on through.

The Shock decided to run the same Baptiste GOATs on defense, while the Charge decided to run a triple DPS Pharmercy comp. The Charge elected to try and slowly push their way through the Shock’s beefy defense, and it eventually worked out, as the Charge utilized the Pharah to bait out a positional mistake before cleaning up. Guangzhou then swapped to a Sombra based GOATs for point B, and they took a tick before the Shock put together a defense. The Shock then got smashed on their next push, and the Charge tied the map up.

SF elected to run the same comp on defense, while the Charge tried the Pharah strategy again. The Charge eventually poked through this in the same patient fashion. Point B was again a nailbiter, but the Shock held off the Charge on B.

Nothing changed for the Shock composition wise on the attack, and they immediately got themselves off to a good start, getting a key pick and capping point A with ease. The Shock then snowballed their way into B, taking the point easily and taking Anubis.

Shock Win 4-3


Photo Courtesy of the Overwatch League

The Shock went with a Moira GOATs with Winston on an attack, while the Charge gambled with the triple DPS. This initially paid off, with the Pharah getting several key picks. The Shock did muscle their way through on their second attempt, however. The Charge decided to stick with this triple DPS composition, but the Shock slowly shoved their way through all of the damage and slogged their way to the checkpoint. Point C was sloppy all the way around, but the Shock smashed their way through and took C with time to spare.

The Shock really like this Baptiste GOATs, as they ran it again on defense. The Charge went with the triple DPS again. This patient attacking style may take a while, but it has proven to be pretty effective, as the Shock were once again eventually caught out of position. This slower style was a little more detrimental when the payload got moving, however, as the Shock managed to draw the Charge out and cut them off. The Charge did get the payload moving slowly, and they took B in OT, but the Shock put their feet down on C and choked out the Charge’s attack.

Shock Win 3-2


The Shock went with the old classic of Pirate Ship on their attack. Sinatraa’s Bastion got shoved off the kart relatively quickly, but the Shock managed to bide their time and shove through with a couple of well-timed ults. The Shock then kept the momentum up on point B, smashing through the Charge defense with ease and rolling onto C. The momentum didn’t die on the final point, and the Shock easily capped before the Charge could put together any sort of defense.


Baptiste GOATs was the name of the game for the Shock on defense, while the Charge went with a pirate ship variant featuring a Sym teleporter for some clever positioning. This really didn’t work out at all, as the Shock held off easily. The Charge tried a few more fancy rotations with their Bastion comp, but few were really successful, and it took them a while to get the cart moving at all. Guangzhou made a desperate attempt on their final push, but it didn’t pay off and the Shock halted them before the first checkpoint.

Shock Win 3-0

What a Week This Was

This week kinda spoke for itself. The Shock came, the Shock saw, and the Shock conquered. They didn’t have the toughest schedule, that’s for sure, but it certainly wasn’t a cakewalk either, and this was an absolute drubbing. Shock fans have plenty to be excited about heading into the stage.

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