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Overwatch League: How Would the Shock Do in a 2/2/2 Meta?

The Forced 2/2/2 that everyone was talking about doesn’t seem like it is going to happen, at least not this year. This is good news for the Shock; not because they are necessarily bad at 2/2/2, but because they are just that good at GOATs.

This does raise an interesting question however: what would the Shock do if the meta shifted to 2/2/2


Image Courtesy of the Overwatch League

The Shock have only Grant “Moth” Espe and Min-ki “Viol2t” Park. While they may be the only two support players on the roster, they do cover all of the Shock’s supportive needs. Moth can play Lucio and Mercy, while Viol2t covers Moira, Ana, and Zen. It’s a bit unclear how the Shock would use Brigitte and Baptiste here, as Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim plays them in the Shock’s GOATs comps. It’s highly likely that either Moth or Viol2t can play them at an at least competent level, however, and worst comes to the worst Rascal is there too. All in all, fairly straightforward.


Image Courtesy of the Overwatch League

This is where things begin to get a little complicated. Main tank is set in stone. Matthew “Super” DeLisi has cemented himself as one of the best Reinhardt players in the league, and he can play the other main tanks at a suitable level. He’s not going anywhere

Off-tank gets a little interesting, however.

Zarya duties are currently taken by Jay “Sinatraa” Won. Sinatraa has firmly established himself as one of, if not the best, Zarya player in the Overwatch League. The other off tanks are usually taken by Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi

Of course, Sinatraa also plays DPS. He initially made a name for himself on Tracer. So what happens here?

It’s likely that the Shock would use Sinatraa to play the tank role on maps where Zarya is good. If Zarya isn’t good on said maps the Shock would likely use Choi in the tank role and put Sinatraa back on DPS.


Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Speaking of DPS…

The Shock have many options at DPS. Rascal and Sinatraa, who were both unceremoniously shoved into somewhat new roles when GOATs started, are both excellent DPS players. Between them, they also cover a decent amount of the DPS roster.

Of course, the Shock have other options at DPS. Min-ho “Architect” Park is currently riding the bench for most maps, but he is still an incredibly flexible and competent player. Meanwhile, Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon is another excellent player. Both have reportedly been practicing hard on their category, so expect them to be excellent if they do ever need to play

How Would the Shock do?

Well, probably not as well as they do at GOATs. That’s not ripping the Shocks 2/2/2 though. They are just that good at GOATs. But of course, the Shock are still very well equipped to run a classic 2/2/2 composition should they need to.


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