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Overwatch League Finals Recap: San Francisco Shock vs. Vancouver Titans

Shock Win 4-2

Starting Lineup

Grant “Moth” Espe

Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Matthew “Super” DeLisi

Min-ki “Viol2t” Park

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim

Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi


Lijiang Tower

Control Center kicked off with both of the teams running a standard GOATs. The Titans handily won the first fight, but the Shock struck back and took the point after the next fight. The Shock lost Super early in the next fight, but they held the Titans off and then locked them down in the chokepoint, allowing San Francisco to take the point.

Night Market started off with an extremely long fight that featured many ultimates from both sides, but in the end the Titans took the point first. The Shock managed to quickly take the point back, however, and the Shock began to gain percentage. The Shock managed to hold the point until about 90%, but in the end the Titans took the point back. The Shock managed to flip the point back in overtime, and SF finished the job, taking the point and the map.

Shock win 2-0


King’s Row

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock stayed with a standard GOATs on their King’s Row attack. A quick pick allowed the Shock to take point A extremely quickly, and the payload got moving early. The Shock easily won the next fight, but the Titans held off the Shock right before the checkpoint. Fortunately the Shock separated the Titans during the next fight, allowing them to move on to the third phase easily. The third phase was a massacre, and San Fran completed the map with a very good time bank.

Both teams went with GOATs as the Titans went on the attack. It took Vancouver some time, but they did get the payload moving. The Titans grounded the Shock into a pulp during the second phase, and the Titans matched the Shock’s time going into point C. The Titans proceeded to take point C, and they got themselves a good time bank, albeit slightly slower than the Shock’s.

The Titan’s second attack started off well with an early pick onto Rascal, but a good shatter by Super managed to give the Shock a fight win. The Titans easily took the next fight, however, and they got the payload moving. Vancouver took the next fight as well, and they managed to worm out the second checkpoint as well. San Francisco managed to halt the Titans shortly into the third phase, but an impressive push nonetheless.

The Shock’s first attack attempt was a complete flop as they were clobbered in a long, drawn out fight. The second fight went their way though. The Shock managed to keep the cart moving, but the Titans halted the Shock before the checkpoint and took the map.

Titans win 5-4



The Shock went with more GOATs on their first attack. An incredibly long fight ended up going in the Titans favor, and the next fight was a Titan’s victory as well. The next two fights were all Titans, and they full held the Shock.

The Titans rolled out with an unorthodox quadruple DPS composition. This easily cleaned up the Shock defense, allowing the Titans to easily take the map.

Titans win 1-0


Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

The Shock went with some more GOATs on Gibraltar attack, while the Titans mirrored the composition. The Shock easily managed to take the first checkpoint. The Shock easily took the second phase as well, allowing them to get to the third phase with plenty of time in the bank. Thwy managed to finish the map, although the Titans managed to stall the Shock out for a couple minutes.

More GOATs dittos were on the menu as the Titans went on attack. A strange attack route by the Titans completely backfired, and the Shock went in for a classic spawncamp. San Fran wasted a ton of time despite losing the fight, and they ended up taking the point. The Shock’s defense was dominant for the first few fights of point B, but the Titans eventually managed to muscle through. The Titans did manage to complete the map, although they took it in OT.

The Titans got off to an excellent start as they took the first fight of the map, but the Shock managed to halt the payload before the first checkpoint thanks to an excellent Graviton by Sinatraa.

The Shock’s attack kicked off with an early pick onto the Titan’s Reinhardt, allowing them to build momentum and quickly take Gibraltar.

Shock win 4-3



The Shock had an excellent run to kick off Gardens, as they got 91% before the Titans got a cap at all. The Titans did end up working up some decent defense, but the Shock flipped it back and managed to take the point.

City Center featured an extremely long fight that ended up going in the Titan’s favor. Fortunately a large Shatter from Super allowed the Shock to comfortably take the point back. The Shock then held off the Titans, using a Sinatraa Sombra to clean up.

Shock win 2-0


Blizzard World

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock went out with more of the time tested GOATs on their attack. Vancouver managed to hold off their first few attacks, but a huge team wipe by the Shock allowed them to take the point with some decent time to spare. The Titans took a very aggressive defensive position that held San Fran off briefly, but they managed to smash through. The Shock were halted before the checkpoint, however, and Vancouver managed to hold the Shock off until overtime. They did manage to push through most of the final phase, but the Titans barely held them in the end.

The GOATs dittos continued as the Shock began to defend. A strange rotation allowed the Titans to take a tick with little resistance, but the Shock managed to seal the fight. The next fight was incredibly scrappy, but a very clutch play by Sinatraa allowed the Shock to bring it back from the brink during the next fight. The Titans managed to get point A during the next fight, however. They then rolled into the next fight with five ultimates, but San Francisco somehow won the fight. The Titans went into full contest desperation mode, and the Shock cleaned up, allowing them to take the fight, the map, and the series.

Shock win 2-1

A New King

The Shock did it. They are the Stage 2 Champions. They are the first team to beat the Titans. This was unquestionably the most dominant stage in OWL history. The Shock are the kings of the Overwatch League, for now.


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