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Emongg Joins The San Francisco Shock as a Partnered Streamer


The Shock announced Friday afternoon that Jeff “Emongg” Anderson would be joining the organization. He will be a partnered Streamer and Content Creator for the team. Emongg remains one of the biggest streamers within the Overwatch category. This partnership will provide greater visibility for the team and bring more fans in.

Emongg initially played on the team Selfless Gaming back in 2016. This roster included two players that would go on to join the Shock roster – Jay “Sinatraa” Won and Daniel “dhaK” Martinez Paz. Another future OWL pro in Daniel “dafran” Francesca was also on the team. After Selfless’s disbandment in 2017, Emongg became a partnered Streamer for the Philadelphia Fusion throughout 2018 and into late 2019.

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Emongg is known for his consistency, streaming every day except one in the past year. Most days, he is live for around 9 hours. In the past month, he has averaged around 3,000 concurrent Twitch viewers in each of his streams. Now take the fact that Overwatch as a category has averaged around 20,000 in the same time. This means that when he streams, he accounts for roughly 15% of all Overwatch viewership on Twitch. The metrics don’t lie – this is a huge signing both for the organization and for Emongg himself.


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