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Rumor: Could Birdring be going to the Guangzhou Charge?

With the offseason officially beginning, many fans are eager for trade details. One keen fan, @SaIemOW on twitter, posted a noticable detail early Tuesday afternoon concerning Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim. The tweet shows a picture of two of the players from the Guangzhou Charge, Joona “fragi” Laine and Won-jae “Rise” Lee, beginning to follow the former London Spitfire DPS’s twitter.

Additionally, shortly after, twitter user @ItsCadaver noted that the Guangzhou Charge twitter itself follows Birdring. Worth noting, the official Charge twitter account is the only official team account besides the London Spitfire to follow Birdring.


For those not aware, Birdring has been a huge player in the Overwatch league since it’s beginning and before. He’s famous for playing on Kongdoo Panthera, and for being on the Spitfire’s starting six during their championship run. However, just last week, he was let go from the Spitfire after being benched during playoffs. He had also recently put out a LFT (Looking For Team) tweet, meaning he still intends to stay in the game and not retire.

On the Charge

While this may be all just coincidence, this could very well be a valid rumor. Most of the Charge’s players follow him, some having just started, and the team twitter itself does too. As @SaIemOW also noted, Guangzhou has 11 players currently, and only 3 DPS; if they keep all previous members and pick up Birdring it would let them scrim internally and give them the max number of players that thy could have. They do already have a stellar hitscan specialist in Jung-woo “Happy” Lee, who showed amazing stats last season. However, the Charge have been known to take on high caliber players in the past, with the pickup of Fragi and Hyung-seok “Bischu” “Aaron” Kim.

Rumor: Birdring to the Guangzhou Charge
Birdring and Profit coming to stage in Burbank, CA. Photo via of London Spitfire Twitter

Ultimately, Birdring to Guangzhou would be quite the marvel indeed for any fan of the Charge. Now all that’s left is to wait for a potential announcement from either side.


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