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Yesterday, Rivalcade, an esports entertainment company, announced their return to the Tier 2 Overwatch scene on Twitter.

Who is Rivalcade?

Graphic courtesy of Rivalcade

Before the Overwatch League, there was no official Path to Pro like there is now. The professional scene was run by other esports entertainment companies, the most popular one being OGN with their Apex tournaments in Korea. However, there was another tournament series that took the scene by storm during 2017. Rivalcade would produce weekly tournaments that ultimately turned into major monthly tournaments called “Rivalcade Rumbles.” The Rumbles would have massive prize pools, and Rivalcade has already hinted at an upcoming tournament that would start with a $5,000 prize pool.

Rivalcade stepped away from the scene not too long after the inaugural season of the Overwatch League began to focus on other ventures within the esports community. One of those ventures included the creation of Triumph Esports who recently made headlines after gaining a significant investor in former professional basketball star Kevin Garnett. While no official tournament has been announced, fans of the Tier 2 scene are excited about Rivalcade’s return to the scene. Other than Gauntlet, the Tier 2 scene will soon be going through a content drought. With Rivalcade’s return, one can expect more news to be coming out about potential tournaments to get fans through the offseason soon.

Thanks to Reddit user u/Heurix for providing much of the background for this piece in the initial Reddit thread about Rivalcade’s re-introduction.

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