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Reinhardt Gains New Passive Ability in Latest Overwatch Patch Notes

overwatch patch notes

Overwatch’s most lovable German main tank has been buffed in the July 18 PTR Patch Notes. Reinhardt’s buff may have flown under the radar in the laundry list of changes on the latest patch. Characters like Moira and Brigitte have stolen the show with their major changes and reworks. But, main tank players ought to take careful note of this update to Reinhardt, as it should prove to improve quality of life for the hero significantly.

What Was Changed?

According to, here are the changes expected to come to Reinhardt:

overwatch patch notes
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His new passive called “Steadfast” reduced the knockback effects on Reinhardt by 30%. Considering Rein players are typically on the frontline and the first target for most crowd control abilities, this should give players a lot more sturdiness in future fights. This means that Lucio boops, D.Va flybys and Brigitte maces should all affect Reinhardt less with the new ability. Overall, this is a welcome change for players who specialize at main tank.

Why is This Impactful?

As it stands right now, Orisa is the most viable main tank option in Overwatch. This is partially due to her ability to work within bunker compositions but also in her ability to be resistant to crowd control abilities. Now, with Reinhardt 30% stronger against them permanently, he may be able to better contend with Orisa.

Having a more sturdy Reinhardt in the frontline can also greatly enable other teammates to get the kills needed. If they are safer being a more immovable object, they may be able to worry more about shooting the enemy and less about working around crow control. In short, it can give a team ease to know that their main tank will hold up more to pushbacks.

Another perk of this change is that it should allow Reinhardt players to play more aggressively themselves. With less fear of being tossed around on a charge, long-range charges may be more viable than they once were. This will be especially exciting to watch in OWL play.

Fit for the Future

With role lock and role queue coming to OW and the OWL, it will be interesting to see how Reinhardt and other tanks fit in. For so long they have relied on three supports to help bolster them and keep them healthy through team fights. Now, with only two to heal them, will we see Reinhardt play drop off in favor of dive and bunker?

Hopefully this buff, at least slightly, says otherwise.



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