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Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League

Lauren and Lotte gave their opinion about the new Overwatch League Hashtags. Read about their uncensored opinions below, don’t @ us.


Houston Outlaws (AnteUp)

Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League
Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 7/10, I enjoy the idea that the Outlaws band together. It is clever and I respect that. If AnteUp wasn’t so good, I would have rated the new hashtag higher. I just see AnteUp so strongly in Houston Outlaws branding that this new hashtag is going to take some time to grow on me.

Lotte: 5/10, Honestly the meaning behind it is cute, band together, join as a group. It isn’t really up my alley. In my opinion, it doesn’t really reflect the name of the team. AnteUp makes me think of the Outlaws immediately, BandTogether however… does not.


London Spitfire (AcesHigh)

Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League

Lauren: 6/10, ClearTheSkies, I get the reference to planes. Again this is clever. The issue I have is that it is going to use up more valuable characters in a tweet then AcesHigh. The old hashtag of AcesHigh was short and sweet. It isn’t a bad new hashtag it just doesn’t seem to bring anything that the old hashtag didn’t.

Lotte: 8/10, Bias duly noted as a European Overwatch fan, but it does make sense why they would use this, as the team name suggests ‘Spitfire’. The skies need to be clear to get straight to victory. It connects well with the team name and it suits them well. One downside to it is that it’s a long hashtag, meaning taking up more space in a tweet.


Paris Eternal (FiatLux)

Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren : 1/10, Just like the Vancouver Titans, the Paris Eternal has changed their hashtag to the generic team name. They didn’t even change the icon next to it. I don’t see why they would add ParisEternal when FiatLux is much better and has more meaning. I wish the Eternal would’ve had another hashtag in French this Season.

Lotte: 1/10, I know the FiatLux hashtag is still there and I really like that one, this one, however, is just the name of the team. It doesn’t make any sense at all. There would’ve been plenty of other options to give to the Paris Eternal as a hashtag.


Toronto Defiant (RiseTogether)


Lauren: 4/10, DefiantForever it is fine. I like the sentiment behind it, but it seems cheesy. RiseTogether was classy. It played off of the meaning of the word Defiant to stand for what you believe in as well as the fans in the crowd rising to cheer for the team. There were so many opportunities to be creative, especially with a team named the Defiant that I think they missed the mark.

Lotte: 7/10, The reuse of the team name looks a bit cheap, but the meaning behind it makes up for it. Defiant meaning, not taking criticism or disapproval makes it a strong sounding hashtag.


LA Gladiator (ShieldsUp)

Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren : 9/10, this is such a nice nod to the LA Gladiators’ fans. At Burbank, the fans who would be on the floor cheering on their team called themselves the Frontline. I love that the LA gladiators integrated that into their branding.

Lotte: 8/10, As a fan outside of the USA, and one who has never been to one of the games it would look like a weird/out of place as a hashtag. But as Lauren mentioned it is a nod to the fans and that makes it even better. Thinking further they ARE the Gladiators and stand at the frontline together with the team ready to fight.


Philadelphia Fusion (IonThePrize)


Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 5/10, Call me a nerd. I liked the science pun. Ion like the logo, but also ‘eye on’ the prize. The science reference and pun got me every time. Philly Power, while related to science, doesn’t have the same ring. FusionCarry also doesn’t have the same ring. Iontheprize will always be my favorite. It is also interesting that Philly decided to add two new hashtags not just one like the other teams.


Lotte: FusionCarry, 4/10, I’m right up there with Lauren on this one. I liked the pun in the iontheprize hashtag. FusionCarry sounds overconfident in my opinion, and doesn’t have the same ring to it as iontheprize. PhillyPower, 7/10, It does have a nice ring to it. It doesn’t sound too overconfident and it makes it look like Philly fans are the power behind the team/give them the power. It is interesting to me that Philly has two new hashtags instead of one like the other teams.


Washington Justice (JusticeIsServed)

Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League
Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 2/10, I know this isn’t what they intended, and probably no one else will see this the way I do. This reminds me of [insert team name] 화이팅. I get Justice as in (just treatment) is fighting (for something). That is probably what they were going for and my overly sensitive self is reacting wrong, but it rubs me the wrong way. If I look at it generally it seems generic.

Lotte: 7/10, My honest opinion is that FightingJustice would’ve sounded better than JusticeFighting. It still gives the vibe of the team and the fans fighting for justice together.


Florida Mayhem (BringTheMayhem)

Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League
Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 10/10, Mayhem has rebranded with new colors and the new icon. I am a fan. It is more snappy. I enjoy the reference to the Mayhem bomb like logo, with the tree being the fuze. Is this in my mind or is this how the logo is intended to be seen? Either way, I love it and the rebranding.

Lotte: 10/10, The new Mayhem colours make them look like the 80’s Miami Vice and I love it! The fuze of the bomb is the palm tree spices it up more and gives off a summer beachy vibe. They listened to the fans and the Mayhem rebranded, I am a 100% here for it!


Dallas Fuel (BurnBlue)

Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League
Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 9/10, Okay, I really like this. This goes so well with #BurnBlue and the icon. Play with fire is a nice nod to that Dallas is a dangerous team to play. The only downside that it is more letters so it’ll use up more space in a tweet. Also if Dallas Fuel doesn’t play, ‘Playing with Fire‘ by Blackpink, at their homestead then they missed a big opportunity

Lotte: 8/10, It’s clever! Together with BurnBlue it makes a good combo. It suits the little blue flame really well. If Dallas need a new walkout song I recommend ‘Fire’ by BTS. The downside, however, is it’s more letters using up more characters in a tweet.


Guangzhou Charge (FeelTheCharge)

Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 7/10, It’s clever, the default setting of movement in Overwatch is WASD. Therefore PressW is like saying ‘go forward’. It is an upgrade to Season 2s FeelTheCharge. PressW is short and sweet. Personally when I think of the word Charge it is more off of electrical charge; not just movement. I wish the hashtag would’ve played more off of both meanings of their name, Charge.

Lotte 7/10, It’s a smart hashtag. Sweet and short. As Lauren mentioned above the W is used in Overwatch to move forward, so they move forward. However, I wish they would’ve done something more with the name of the Charge.


Atlanta Reign (LetItReign)

Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 5/10, I get it. Reign at home, as in homestands. The dual reign/rain there are so many possibilities. I would’ve liked to have seen more creativity. They could have also gone for the Royalty spin as their fan club is the Royal Family and that would be a cute nod to it. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either.

Lotte: 4/10, The double meaning on the reign/rain part I understand. But it doesn’t really give me the bite I would have liked to see from the team. It’s an okay hashtag, could’ve done more with it, but it isn’t bad either.


Shanghai Dragons (FightForGlory, BreakThrough)

Twitter: @HashflagArchive


Lauren: 2/10 Again I am not a fan of the team name new hashtag. What makes the Shanghai Dragons hashtag above the others is the new icon next to it. I like the incorporation of the larger dragon behind the skyline. I would place the new hashtag in Infront of Season 1’s #FightForGlory but behind Season 2’s Breakthrough.

Lotte 3/10 I am not a fan of the hashtag, it is just the team name. The new icon however I do like. The dragon in the sky makes it seem like it’s protecting the team and its fans. I liked the FightForGlory hashtag, it made it a strong point that after they lost all of Season 1. This new one is not my favourite.


Seoul Dynasty (TheDynastyBegins, RoarOn, TigerNation)

Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League
Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren: 8/10 honestly I would have given this full points, bias noted, if it was for the Season 2 hashtag. RoarOn is so branded into my mind that it is hard to think of anything else representing the players. #Tigernation has been a hashtag that Seoul Dynasty and fans have been using for a while, so it does feel like a natural progression. Also, the little tiger paw is everything.

Lotte 8/10 This is such a sweet hashtag! Together with RoarOn it makes a good combination. The fans will RoarOn the TigerNation! The hashtag has been used by fans for a while now, so making it official seems like a sweet nod in the direction of not only the fans of the Seoul Dynasty but also to the Gen.G fans.


Vancouver Titans (ForceOfNature)

Rating the new hashtags of the Overwatch League
Twitter: @HashflagArchive

Lauren : 1/10 I am not a fan of the new hashtag that is just the team name. When I think about tweeting most fans will @ the team. It seems repetitive for the hashtag to also be the team name. Force of Nature was just a good branding as the graphics always had the logo and trees or nature behind it. I can’t see a time that I would personally use #VancouverTitans over #ForceOfNature.

Lotte: 1/10 This is not what I expected for a ‘’new’’ hashtag. Just as Paris it is just the name of the team. Their old hashtag ForceOfNature suited the team really well. The Titans and their fans together were (and still are) a force of nature. I would use #ForceOfNature over  #VancouverTitans.


Teams who have no new hashtag as of yet

As of now LA Valiant, NYXL, Boston Uprising, San Francisco Shock, Chengdu Hunters, and Hangzhou Spark do not have new hashtags. We would’ve loved to have seen Boston get a new hashtag as we have never been a fan of it. LA Valiant, NYXL, and Hangzhou Spark have such iconic hashtags we can’t see them changing it.


Do you agree or disagree with our grades we gave the new owl hashtags? Let us know on twitter
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