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What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? (Tanks)

Quarantine Overwatch Heros

In the unique times that the world is facing right now, many are isolated within their homes and are trying to find things to do amongst themselves. As society tries to cope with the COVID-19 virus, both avid and casual gamers have used games as an outlet to pass the time. While the heroes of Overwatch would do all they could to fight alongside the world in hopes of subduing this disease, many would incapable of doing much when it came to finding a vaccine.

So, in hopes of trying to spin this issue in a positive light and maybe to help readers find some new games to play while in quarantine, TGH presents this series. Here is Part 1 of a speculative list of what games the characters of Overwatch would play if they were quarantined like the majority of society today.

Winston: Kerbal’s Space Program

Quarantined Overwatch Heros

Image via Private Division

Horizon Lunar Colony may not be Overwatch players’ favourite map in the game, but it is in the rotation as a reminder as to where Winston came from. Winston would wholeheartedly put his efforts into finding a cure for COVID-19 as the brilliant scientist he is. But in the event that he couldn’t do much in the way of helping, Winston could do wonders in Kerbal’s Space Program. Winston created a makeshift ship to escape the calamity that was happening at Horizon Lunar Colony and KSP is exactly that type of game. Building rocket ships, creating innovative solutions to problems is all right up the intelligent gorilla’s alley.

Orisa: Bloons Tower Defence

Quanantined Overwatch Heros
Images via Ninja Kiwi

Orisa might not be as lonely as people would think alongside Efi and her puppy. While hanging with her creator and pet, and possibly helping the citizens of Numbani with everyday tasks as she is an omnic, Orisa would love playing a classic flash game like Bloons Tower Defence. Bloons was a game that many people played when they were younger in school computer labs, and this fits Orisa’s adolescent nature. On top of that, Bloons is a tower defence game which works perfectly for the bunker specialist.

Wrecking Ball: Super Monkey Ball

Quarantine Overwatch Heroes
Image via Sega

Hammond came from the same program as Winston but is not able to communicate verbally. With that being said, Hammond would not be great at playing a game that needs communication like Overwatch, but he would be good at doing what he does within Overwatch: control a ball. A game that would fit that bill would be Super Monkey Ball. If Wrecking Ball wouldn’t be allowed “wreck” the streets of the Overwatch world, then Hammond could use Super Monkey Ball to quench his thirst.

Reinhardt: WWF No Mercy

Quarantined Overwatch Heros
Image via THQ

Listening to the classics like David Hasselhoff and partaking in some beer with apprentice Brigitte might be a pastime that the German tank may use during this crisis. But something that Overwatch has referred to, but has never actually talked about is Reinhardt’s association with wrestling. Firstly, Rein’s “Flex” emote could be referencing famous wrestler’s, Hulk Hogan, signature poses. On top of that, each hero has been associated with a sport during the Summer Games event, and while Rein was given a football-esque skin in 2018, his original player icon from the event was him in a wrestling leotard. Regardless of either instance, Reinhardt is a very physical human being and it wouldn’t be surprising if he loved the spectacle of wrestling. “The classics” like the Nintendo 64’s WWF No Mercy would be perfect on his travels with Brig and the Overwatch team or even just in isolation.

Sigma: Half-Life: Alyx

Quarantined Overwatch Heros
Image via Valve

As a leader in the field of astrophysics in the world of Overwatch, Sigma would love toying around with virtual reality. With that, one of the most iconic game series’ that feature physics manipulation is Half-Life. Half-Life is coming back with VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx after a long hiatus in the franchise. A prequel to the second game, the game description explains the gameplay as “Players uses VR to interact with the environment and fight enemies, using “gravity gloves” to manipulate objects, similarly to the gravity gun from Half-Life 2″. As the game drops today, Sigma would have a blast trying to new game out in quarantine.

Roadhog: Fallout

Image via Bethesda Game Studios

An Overwatch character that would love the apocalyptic setting of Fallout is Roadhog. Whether it’s the isometric gameplay of the first two games or the expansive open-world RPG’s from Bethesda, Roadhog’s backstory fits in perfectly with the irradiated world. Also from a place that suffered a similar fate, Roadhog would know the in’s and out’s of living within such a radioactive vicinity. He would be able to roam the world to his heart’s content and use the experiences he already has to his advantage.

Zarya: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Image via Sega

While current sports are cancelled for the time being and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics hanging in the balance, Zarya would find her love for weightlifting in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Summer Games. Sure, the Russian strong-woman probably has a home gym, but who’s to say that she doesn’t want to lay low for a bit and compete virtually. Also, since she would not have a chance to explore the Motherland in these trying times, she could see the landscapes of her country through the Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

D.Va: StarCraft?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If there’s anyone who would be gaming in this scenario, it would be Hana Song. Whether it’s the shoot-em-up game she plays in her mech or one of those old video games with “a giant gorilla”, D.Va would use gaming to pass the time. The true question would be, would she be grinding Starcraft?… Or whatever esport D.Va truly participates? For years, fans knew D.Va as a Starcraft champion who’s APM reflexes led her to join South Korea’s M.E.K.A. squad. But recently, Michael Chu, now a former lead writer for the game, has explained that D.Va never competed in Starcraft, to begin with.

Whatever the game is that Korean sensation is actually the world champion in, is probably the game she will be playing the most. While also streaming on, she could also be preparing for online matches, which is something the Overwatch League is currently implementing in our world.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of this series: Supports!


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