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What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? (Support)

Quarantined Heroes

Tanks and Damage characters would not be as revered as they were without support from their healing backline. Through their HPS and utility abilities, support characters keep their frontline intact to fight another day. Amongst the current epidemic that the world is facing right now, the Support heroes of Overwatch would be alongside the vanguard fighting against this virus. But not everybody is equipped to be a virus expert.

In that light, here is Part 2 of the “What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine?” series, featuring everybody’s favourite medicine men: the Support class.

Ana: Sniper Elite 4

Quarantine Heroes

Image via Rebellion Developments

Ana would thrive playing a game like Sniper Elite as she is revered as one of the deadliest snipers in the world of Overwatch. With her cybernetic right eye and on-field experience, she could have a fun time utilizing the tactics she has learned in her time sniping when playing the tactical shooter. The Egyptian support still participates in combat at the ripe age of 60, so it seems like she likes the gig quite a bit. It would make sense if she would want to continue to snipe in some capacity, even if she wasn’t able to in the real world. Ana also likes to hide in the shadows and work alone, so perhaps quarantine would work out well for the older Amari.

Baptiste: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Image via Ubisoft Montreal

Fans of Overwatch have seen Baptiste’s origin story and other tidbits of lore, but not much is known outside of that fact. With that being said, this entry will take into account a couple of his skins. Baptiste likes to dress as a pirate, according to his cosmetics. Whether Blizzard will ever elaborate on this or not is to be seen, but regardless there is a perfect game for the buccaneer setting.

The Assassin’s Creed series is polarizing, to say the least. People love it and people also love to hate it, but with that, Black Flag did a lot to expand the game beyond just a linear stealth adventure. The game truly makes you feel like a travelling pirate. From manning a ship to ravaging islands, there hasn’t been a game since that has nailed the expansiveness of the pirate setting while also making the world feel fully realized. If Baptiste is truly a pirate-lover, this would be his game of choice.

Brigitte: Catlateral Damage

Quarantine Heroes
Image via Chris Chung

While the comparison could be made between the Swedish shield-wielder and the likes of the Crusader from Diablo III or a Paladin from World of Warcraft, those may not be the games for Brigitte character. A universally-loved characteristic of Brig though is her association with cats. Brigitte’s new Katt emote is a top-tier item in Overwatch, and it shows her love for the friendly feline. A game that aligns with this is Catlateral Damage.

Alongside her love for cats, Brig has been known to cause absolute chaos wherever she is. From her day-one build to her current play as a viable main healer when Lucio is out of the Hero Pool, Torbjörn’s daughter has always been a menace on the field and the game has never been the same since her arrival. Many don’t like how she plays, but there’s no denying that her love for the Jetpack Cat brings a smile to player’s faces. This indie game would be perfect for her quarantine.

Lucio: NHL 20

Image via EA Sports

Lucio was Canadian early in the development of Overwatch. While the nation north of the border has to wait for the release of Sojourn to have a hero of their own, Lucio still has many qualities that would make him a fellow Canadian. One of those things is his love for hockey. From his hockey skate-inspired gear to his literal hockey skins, the DJ has a love for a sport that many people from Brazil don’t have access to. Lucio would probably use a majority of his time in isolation to make music or possibly put on a live-streamed concert or two. But with the NHL’s real-world cancellation, EA Sports’ NHL 20, would be a perfect method for Lucio to get his hockey fix.

Mercy: Surgeon Simulator

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Bossa Studios

As a head surgeon in Switzerland and revolutionizing the world of medicine with the breakthrough of resurrection, Mercy is at the epitome of nano-biology. Mercy would need to be on the front-lines against COVID-19 and, in any situation, her technology would allow for much more advances towards a vaccine. Regardless of this, Mercy would not be able to work around the clock and would need time for rest and breaks. Perhaps Overwatch’s guardian angel would appreciate present-day surgery and the wackiness of Surgeon Simulator while practising self-isolation.

Moira: Mass Effect 2

Quarantine Heroes
Image via BioWare

If there is a prime example of a game series based on morals and ethics: it is the Mass Effect Trilogy. On top of that, Shepard, the game’s protagonist, goes through an extensive genetic rebuild after being (spoilers!) blown out of their ship and “dying” amongst the void of outer space near the beginning of ME2. All this and more goes in line with Moira’s backstory.

Moira started her rise as a top genetic scientist as a member of Overwatch. Moira did a lot for the human potential through her time with Blackwatch, and then with Talon after the fallout of John Morrison’s crew. The Irish experimentalist also pushed the lines of ethical values in the sense of science and is notorious in the Overwatch world for her controversial tactics. It is possible to run through Mass Effect 2 as a morally high-standing individual, but it is also possible to lead the human colony to the same prominence through less-ethical means. Moira would be fascinated by the endless possibilities and how far she could take something so morally wrong to achieve something seen as successful.

Zenyatta: Detroit: Become Human

Quarantine Heroes
Image via Quantic Dream

A majority of Overwatch’s story revolves around the conflict between omnics and humans. Humans seem to always have a problem with robots living among them as like-species as seen through the opening cinematic or the “Alive” animated short. A game that follows this vein is PlayStation-exclusive Detroit: Become Human. The story revolves around the relationships between AI-controller androids and humans, which is what Zenyatta and other omnics have experiences with in the Overwatch world. This game could give omnic monk some other perspectives on the matter and give him something else to do while out of meditation and tranquillity.

Tune in next week for Part 3: Projectile DPS

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