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What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? (Hitscan)

After three absolutely fun weeks of creating this series, it comes down to the final category: Hitscan. These Damage characters are well-known for their game-changing capabilities and are the primary factors in most team fights with their instant-kill abilities. Here is the final part of TGH’s “What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine?”, featuring arguably some of Overwatch’s most iconic heroes.

Ashe: A Way Out

Quarantined Heroes

Image via Electronic Arts

As the most recently released Hitscan hero in OW, Ashe hasn’t seen the same amount of impact as many of her counterparts. Regardless of this, Ashe has picked up a decent amount of fans, especially alongside her omnic sidekick B.O.B., who is inseparable with her boss. A game that is also unplayable without a second player is A Way Out. Developed by Hazelight Studios, the action-adventure co-op game fits the style of how the Deadlock gang duo work in tandem on the Overwatch battlefield. On top of that, the game’s story revolves around a prison break, something that outlaws like Ashe and B.O.B. may have some knowledge about.

McCree: Red Dead Redemption

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Rockstar Games

If the first cowboy on our list isn’t playing Red Dead Redemption, then Overwatch’s other gunslinger probably would. Rockstar Games has created a couple of master class open-world games based in the wild west that Jesse McCree would fall in love with. Within quarantine, McCree would not be able to go about and dole out justice himself, but within RDR, Route 66 is just a one virtual-step away. Whether he wants to help fellow citizens or run wild like in his heyday, Deadeye is at his disposal.

Bastion: World of Tanks

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Wargaming

While not a tank in sense of Overwatch, Bastion is the most literal tank character in the game. His Ultimate, Configuration: Tank, transforms the omnic into a rolling cannon and can be one of the most devastating abilities in the game. Formerly built for war during the Omnic Crisis, Bastion has siege tactics built within him. When he’s not busy caring for his bird buddy, Ganymede, perhaps the robot can go into some rest mode and play some World of Tanks.

Soldier: 76: Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Quarantine Heroes
Image via Electronic Arts

The Dad of Overwatch needs his fatherly fix. And that can be done with a smooth, 18-hole game of golf. With this, there are plenty of games to choose from. From Mario Golf to mini-golf flash games, Jack Morrison has a variety of choices at his disposal. But while 76 is making his quarantine BBQ, there’s only one choice for the former leader of Overwatch and that the most realistic, simulation of Golf on American soil: some Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Whatever golf game you chose to play, you would definitely enjoy a realistic gameplay brought by excellent golf simulators such as Flightscope Mevo+.

Widowmaker: Bound

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

Before being engineered into the Talon’s top sniper, Amélie Lacroix was formerly a Ballet Dancer. Though the Blue-skinned assassin no longer shows emotion and is a ruthless killer, it would be nice to think that the villain may have some redeeming factors. If Widowmaker does still love ballet in some way deep in her literal cold, artificially-slowed down heart, then Plastic Studio’s artsy platformer, Bound, could be Widow’s mental escape to her previous pastime.

Reaper: The Darkness

Quarantined Heroes
Image via 2K Games

As natural biology takes its toll on society in current times, it’s easy to say that one of the world’s more poignant issues was waste on an international level. One person who would not be an outstanding citizen in that sense is Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper. Rather than simply reloading, the Talon member just throws his shotguns on the ground as if he cares as much about the environment as he does his unfortunate victims.

Coming off this soapbox, this reload mechanic is quite similar to a fellow first-person shooter, The Darkness. Instead of finding ammo for his guns, the main character of The Darkness discovers other guns within the game world and disposes of guns that are out of ammo. Reaper would be all over this concept.

Sombra: Watch Dogs 2

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Ubisoft

From one Talon member to another, Sombra is obviously the Overwatch world’s best hacker. With this being said, Sombra’s game of choice is an easy one: Watch Dogs 2. As an open-world game where the protagonist is a hacking mastermind, Sombra could wreak some havoc within it’s setting… that’s not if she not already doing the things possible in Watch Dogs within the Overwatch world. RIP to all the quarantine-filled multiplayer lobbies around the globe when Sombra’s aim-bot queues in.

Tracer: Life is Strange

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Square Enix

As the final character listed in this series, it is fitting that the cover star of Overwatch finishes things off. Formerly a pilot, Tracer would do great in a game like Ace Combat. As a sprinter, she could possibly be a god in a game like Sonic the Hedgehog. But in the world of isolation and taking Lena Oxton’s time-travelling past into account, Dontnod’s episodic adventure would be a perfectly cozy game for the speedy Brit.

Featuring both a teenager who can rewind time and themes that may be close to Tracer as a person, Life is Strange may be a great experience to have in quarantine beside her partner Emily. In the trying times of today, it’s good to remember the word’s of Overwatch Streamer xQc during his playthrough of Life is Strange.

“You can’t have happiness without pain. You need a little bit of rain to have a little bit of rainbow.”

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