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PTR hero buffs: Road, Junk, Widow and Orisa

Hero buffs

On the Overwatch PTR players can test some new changes coming soon to Overwatch. Some of those changes being the new Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes with accompanying map: Château Guillard, Widowmaker’s ancestral home. Though the important changes are always the hero buffs and nerfs. Thankfully this time around the changes are all buffs, with a much needed one for Roadhog.

Hero Buffs: Roadhog

As we all know Roadhog was nerfed two months back. This nerf got rid of Roadhog’s one-shot combo by lowering his damage. This was a change that was met with much mourning, as well as a lowered pick and win rate. Without his one-shot combo Roadhog is essentially a walking ultimate battery. But his buff on the PTR should help with that problem.

Hero buffs
Roadhog PTR patch notes

As you can see Roadhog can now move when using Take a Breather in addition to taking 50% less damage while using it. This change now allows Roadhog to safely be a meat shield for his team. Before it was high-risk low-reward for Roadhog to tank shots because the enemy would get easy ultimate charge. But with these changes Roadhog gives the enemy less ultimate charge while using Take a Breather.

Essentially, Roadhog’s Take a Breather now functions as a minor shield for his teammates. Though keep in mind that the enemy will still build ultimate charge off of you, just not as much. Speaking of ultimates Junkrat got a buff to his.

Hero buffs: Junkrat

Junkrat’s RIP-Tire has always been frustrating. It’s capable of getting a team wipe but is easily destroyed. Talk about a let down. But never fear for Blizzard has decided to buff the RIP-Tire so that it’s harder to hit.

Hero buffs
RIP-Tire now burns rubber

These changes mean that Junkrat’s ultimate is harder to hit as well as more maneuverable. This means that Junkrat has an easier time securing frags with his ultimate as well as spending less time vulnerable when controlling it. The RIP-Tire got a movement buff and so did Junkrat himself.

Hero buffs
Triple jump here we come

What this change does is it gives Junkrat the ability to triple jump. It also boosts his damage output, but really it’s all about the triple jump. The added mobility allows Junkrat to drop bombs from directly above enemies as well as confront Pharah in the sky. The extra mine also allows Junkrat to disengage from fights easier.

Another hero who got a movement buff is Widowmaker.

Hero Buffs: Widowmaker

Widowmaker has two buffs being tested in the PTR. The first is a buff to her Grappling Hook, reducing its cooldown from twelve to eight seconds. The second buff allows Widowmaker to see enemies affected by her Venom Mine through walls.

Hero buffs
Poison wall hacks

The reduced cooldown on her Grappling Hook is great but it pales in comparison to the Venom Mine buff. The old Venom Mine acted as a warning system for Widowmaker. Now, in addition to being a warning system, it functions as a mini wall hack. Which means Widowmaker can use the Venom Mine to set up easier headshots for herself.

The new Venom Mine won’t help her much with the buffs made to Orisa though.

Hero buffs: Orisa

Orisa also has some buffs being tested in the PTR. The projectiles from her Fusion Driver have been sped up by 20% and her Protective Barrier has been increased in size by 20% with a shape change.

Hero buffs
Faster bullets and bigger shield

The speed buff to her bullets will make fighting more mobile heroes like Genji and Tracer easier. The faster bullets also makes building her super charger easier because it’s easier to land shots. Though what’s really important is the buff to her barrier.

This increase in size puts her barrier around the same size as Reinhardt’s, if only a little smaller than his. This means more teammates are protected by it. The shape change also makes it, in the developer’s words,”more effective when it’s used on slopes or on top of objects (such as the payload).” This shield change will make any attack Bastion or Torb’s day.

These hero buffs should go live with the next patch and we can’t wait until they do.

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