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Possible Offseason Overwatch Tournament Ideas

The China Overwatch All-Star Game is giving all the Overwatch League content that they have been dying for. Since the Grand Finals, there have not been many PUGs or tournaments for fans to see their favorite players. It has been a dry road with just roster announcements keeping the fans fed. The Chinese Overwatch match shows all the potential for matches that could still be played in this off-season to garner interest with the team roster. Though these tournaments would be on Overwatch One, that would allow players to play more freely without the feeling so giving away any secrets. Here is a look at a few tournaments that could really entertain fans during the offseason APAC edition.

Throw Back Tournament

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A throwback tournament could be a lot of fun as it is the end of the Overwatch One, to give homage to the past that brought all the players here. This could be a throwback to season 1 of the Overwatch League or even farther back to the APEX teams. Something similar happened a couple of years back with the Runaway vs the Lunatic-Hai reunion match. This brought massive attention during that break of fans engaging with the game when the Overwatch  League wasn’t on. Though there have been some retirements and military serving players, those spots could be filled in with other players who never got to chance to play in the early days. These throwbacks would give a nice dose of nostalgia as well as hype up Overwatch before the start of Season 5.

Seoul Cup 2.0

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Right before the Overwatch League began there was the Seoul Cup that brought Korean and Chinese teams together. The Korean representative teams were Lunatic-Hai and Cloud9 KongDoo. While the Chinese teams were Lucky Future and Miraculous Youngster. This would be the perfect time to reboot the concept of the Seoul Cup. With the Overwatch League APAC region being split between China and teams based in Korea, this would strengthen the storylines and rivalries. Another advantage would be the ability to highlight talent from both regions as there is no longer the World Cup to help propel new players into the mainstream spotlight.

Multi-esport title Tournament

Many of the esport players in Korea are friends with other esport players in other games. It would be fun to have a team of mixed players. It could be League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, and PUBG. Have players of each of the titles in teams that would have to play matches in each of the games. The placing would give points. This would be a fun way to see some friends reunited who are now in different games. The gameplay would not be top tier, but it would show the players teaching abilities and hard carry potential. It would be amusing and light-hearted fun for the players. This could generate a lot of content when it came to picking teams, streaming practices, and co streams.

Possible Offseason Overwatch Tournament Ideas

This offseason being as long as it is gives teams and players a lot of potential for building their brand and following, as well as having some fun. This of course would need to be organized by an organization. Something even as simple as a deathmatch of pros as PUGs would give a lot of joy to the fans. Hopefully, as time goes on there will be more motivation from organizations and players to put on small events such as the China Overwatch All-Star Match is doing now.

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