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Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion

Poko Gets Examined in the Second Installment of Dr. Don’t

The Fusion film crew has been keeping busy in these interesting times. The Philadelphia Fusion along with their sponsor Rothman Orthopaedics brought fans a public service announcement (PSA) in the form of a video. This new episode features Dr. B.J. Smith, who is a sports medicine physician with Rothman Orthopaedics. Smith’s test subject is every Fusion fan’s favorite bomber Gael “Poko” Gouzerch. Much like the first episode of Dr. Don’t that featured Philip “ChipSa” Graham, the doctor will watch Poko play and provide feedback on how to combat bad posture.

The Examination

Image Clip Courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion

Poko begins his session as Dr. Smith walks around and looks at different aspects of his body while he plays. Once Dr.Smith finds something that Poko can improve on, he hits a little red buzzer, stopping Poko. From there, he provides tips on how to improve posture and make sure that he can stay healthy throughout the season. Some of the points that the doctor brings up in this episode are Poko’s elbow placement, wrist movements, shoulder use and finger fatigue.

Useful Tips For Everyone

Image Clip Courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion

What this video does is not only show viewers what doctors are looking for but how to help players and fans alike stay healthy while enjoying their hobby. The doctor suggests tips like stretching your fingers and arms as well as heightening the chair or table. The Fusion picked a perfect time to release this series since many fans are working from home or gaming thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. All fans and lovers of video games should give this video a view. Advice in this video could go a long way. Fans can check out the video on the team’s YouTube channel.

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