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Seoul Dynasty Week 12 Preview

It has been a long time since the Dynasty last played way back in Week 7. Seoul is no longer in North America playing against teams like the LA Gladiators or the San Francisco Shock, but instead facing the teams in the Asian region. In Week 12 the Dynasty will be playing against two teams that have an interesting history with the Seoul Dynasty. The Hangzhou Spark will be their opponents on Saturday and the Shanghai Dragons on Sunday. Both matches will be tough, but the Seoul Dynasty is trying to preserve their undefeated run in Season 3. Not only will they face old friends in Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim but also old rivals in the Spark who knocked them out of playoffs.

Hangzhou Spark (4/25): 3-4-0

Alarm OWL

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Hangzhou Spark has made little changes to their roster from Season 2. The Dynasty, on the other hand, has changed their line up quite a bit. The Seoul Dynasty that the Hangzhou Spark will face this coming week is much different than the last head to head match. In Week 12 both teams will have to make a composition without Moira, Orisa, Tracer and Echo.

Seoul needs to force our ultimate from the Spark. If they are able to bait out some of the support ultimate that will give them a leg up. The coordination of Seoul seems to be a major factor in the matches already seen. If Minhyuk ‘Michelle’ Choi or Minseo ‘Marve1’ Hwang is able to eat up Godsb’s Hanzo ult or shut down an EMP that could be the clutch factor that could edge Seoul ahead. Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park and Dongeon ‘Fits’ Kim showed great teamwork in previous matches. Their coordination and ability to pick off members of the Spark before fights, as the Guangzhou Charge did could nab them that third straight win.

Prediction: 3:1 Seoul

Even though the Dynasty has one of the most well-known Tracers on the team, Seoul has not been playing Tracer that much. The hero pool seems to be more in favor of the Dynasty as Huichang ‘BeBe’ Yoon has played Moira more than the Dynasty support players. That hero taking out of the rotation will definitely make the Spark have to rethink their compositions more than it would Seoul. The DPS of Mei and Reaper, as well as Mei and McCree, is allowed this week, which is the meta that Seoul won with before.

Seoul has shown that they can play multiple different playstyles. This will help in their ability to counter what the Spark will throw at them. Whether it is the slow and calculated style or the smart snap of the moment plays, the Dynasty will get their revenge from Season 2.

Player to Watch: Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang

tobi owl
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The return on the Boop God. The first week that the Dynasty played one of the hero bans was Lucio. It was a travesty to have Tobi’s signature hero out of the rotation. Not only is Lucio known to Tobi, but also Hojin ‘IDK’ Park is a strong Lucio player. It is time to see the rise of the Boop God come back. Though with Tracer out of the hero pool this week, the fans might not see pure dive, but there could be a hybrid dive where Tobi is back on his hero. Look out for his boops as well as his ultimate usage in clutch moments. It will be the first time that the Tiger Nation could see both Tobi and Bdosin on their signature heroes. 

Shanghai Dragons (4/26): 6-1-0

Shanghai Dragons
photo credit: Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

The Shanghai Dragons have had a strong start to the season. They have shown as time has gone by their strength is in their ability to coordinate. The Tiger Nation will be on the lookout for the old tiger Fleta, who has become a Dragon in this last off-season. There is a question of whether the Dragons will opt to play Minseong ‘Diem’ Bae or Jinhyeok ‘DDing’ Yang over Fleta in this match. The Seoul Dynasty players know Fleta’s play style and tricks better than anyone else in the league.

 To win the match the Seoul Dynasty need to put pressure on the support players of the Dragons. The pop-off potential has been immense when it comes to Junwoo ‘Void’ Kang and the Shanghai DPS players. If the Dynasty is able to catch Minchul ‘Izayaki’ Kim out of position and cut off the healing, it will make winning team fights much easier. 

Prediction: 3:2 Seoul 

This is going to be a nail-biting close match. Many people will be looking to see over the long break has the Dynasty gotten better or fallen. The Dragons have had more consistent matches throughout the season.

What the Dynasty needs to look out for is the Shanghai Dragon’s pick potential. The Dynasty could get in a bit of trouble if they allow themselves to be picked off one at the beginning of each fight so that they never get a good 6 v 6 fight. It is essential that the Seoul Dynasty gets those who team fights, and not take those 5 v 6. 

Player to watch: Jemin ‘Illicit’ Park

Illicit was a Season 2 pick up for the Seoul Dynasty. His hero pool along with Fleta’s are very similar. It would an amazing match up to see Illicit versus Fleta, especially if they engage in a Pharah battle. This was a hot topic in the latter part of Season 2 when the Dynasty put Illicit in over Fleta on maps like Lijiang Tower. It could be the moment that Illicit proves that he was the right choice for the Dynasty to put in. If Illicit is put it watch the head to head against Fleta. Whoever wins that battle will win the matchup!


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