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Pirate Ship Bastion Revealed as Countdown Cup Skin

Pirate Ship Bastion

As was previously announced, Overwatch will be getting new skins with each Overwatch League tournament. The May Melee featured Mei as an MMA Boxer. The June Joust had Angel of Death Widowmaker. The Summer Showdown brought out Haroeris Ana. Now people have been wonder who and what would the Countdown Cup Overwatch skin be? Well, it has been revealed as Pirate Ship Bastion, a new legendary for the happy machine gun robot.

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Here is a look at the new skin.

Countdown Cup Pirate Ship Bastion
Countdown Cup Pirate Ship Bastion

The interesting part about this skin is that it has nothing to do with the Countdown Cup. Many thought the skin might have to do with something a bit more oriented with OWL or competition. The skin does hit on the pirate theme. With all of the skulls and swords along with the pirate flag, this one is pretty obvious.

As for Bastion, this skin does fit in terms of its ultimate ability. Turning into a cannon as Bastion and having it be a pirate ship cannon should feel pretty fun. Adding this one with the Blackbeard Torb skin definitely could allow for teams to do a pirate themes team. Lastly, it is interesting to note that fans do call a Bastion setting up on the payload a pirate ship strategy sometimes. It could be the inspiration for this skin.

There is no doubt the Pirate Ship Bastion skin, will definitely be a fan-favorite skin going forward. It is worth noting that this skin will be available on the day it was announced. Fans can get this skin from August 18-30.

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