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What If Philly Had An Overwatch Map?

The Boston Uprising presented an interesting question that was met with interesting responses. What if the states that makeup New England had an Overwatch map made of them? What landmarks would be included? Fans shared their thoughts on everything from including Fenway Park to Paul Revere’s house. There are some pretty interesting ideas coming out of the community on what that map would consist of.

What would a map look like if it was based around Philadelphia?

The City Of Brotherly Love

There are a plethora of iconic landmarks and items that make Philadelphia the city it is. The city is a melting pot of culture and home to the beginning of the USA. What could Blizzard use to represent the city as a map in Overwatch?

The Liberty Bell And Independence Hall

Philadelphia is the birthplace of America. No other icons in our country represent this more than the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

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The Liberty Bell sat in the tower of Independence Hall in the mid-1700s. Independence Hall is the building in which the United States Constitution was signed, declaring independence from England.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Possibly Philadelphia’s most well-known building, the Philadelphia Museum of Art must be added. Fans familiar with the Rocky franchise, know this building as it is the steps Rocky runs up at the end of the films. This would be a great location for the end of a payload map. Transporting a piece of art from Independence Hall to the steps.

City Hall And Love Park

The building front and center when Rocky climbs the steps and turns around in the clip above is Philadelphia’s City Hall. Completed in 1901 and adorned with a bronze William Penn, this building is one of the most iconic to its residents. So much so that until the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 2008, there was a “curse” on the city. What’s the reason for the “curse”? From the time it was built, City Hall was the tallest building in Philadelphia until 1987 when One Liberty Place was built. According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, there was a “gentlemen’s agreement” that no building should be taller than City Hall. Fans believed this was the reason why Philly sports teams did not win a title in the four major sports.

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Adjacent to City Hall is Philadelphia’s, Love Park. This park features the iconic Love Sculpture that can be seen in many different countries around the world. This location is is extremely popular in the spring and summer with its array of fountains and an urban backdrop.

Image Courtesy of C Smyth for Visit Philadelphia

The Cheesesteak

A map based around Philadelphia is not complete without some mention of the city’s signature sandwich. The cheesesteak is and always be on the list of new things to try for visitors. The Fusion’s own Gael “Poko” Gouzerch tried one on the first episode of Philly Unlocked. An extremely popular tourist location around the cheesesteak is on the corner of 9th street and Passyunk. This is the location of Pats and Genos.

Image Courtesy of Tom Gralish for the Philadelphia Inquirer

This cheesesteak rivalry has been going on for 54 years when Genos opened in 1966. Seeing a flashy building with a cheesesteak on in Overwatch would be the cherry on top when creating a map that captures the city’s culture.

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