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The Fusion Release New Video Series “Philly Unlocked”

On Tuesday, February 25th, the Philadelphia Fusion released episode one of a new video series titled Philly Unlocked. This new video series provides fans with a glimpse of first time Philly experiences and the interactions with the team they love. With their new partnership and sponsor CommScope, fans received an inside look at Gael “Poko” Gouzerch’s first-ever cheesesteak.

Philly’s Iconic Dish

Image courtesy of The Philadelphia Inquirer

The cheesesteak is synonymous with the city of Philadelphia. Visitors of the city must try the iconic sandwich as suggested by the city’s inhabitants, friends, and family. The cheesesteak sandwich comes on a long roll, packed with thin cuts of beefsteak and cheese. The cheese is added to the steak in the form of American, provolone, or the Philly classic Whiz. Individuals outside of Philadelphia know “Whiz” as “CheezWhiz”. The sandwich is customized further stating “wit” (grilled onion) or “witout” (no grilled onion), peppers and extras. While cheesesteaks in the city are uniform with their choice of the cheeses above, individuals can customize their cheesesteak any way they would like. This guide from TripSavvy is a great tool for potential visitors to use when ordering this classic.

Individuals unfamiliar with the food culture of Philadelphia may also be surprised to find out that there are rivalries and tourist attractions focused around the cheesesteak. Of the rivalries in Philadelphia, none top that of Pat’s vs Geno’s in South Philadelphia.

Poko’s Cheesesteak Introduction

Image courtesy of J. Zale for Visit Philadelphia

CommScope brought Poko to the two-time “Best Of Philly” award winner and Philly staple, Steve’s Prince Of SteaksHe ordered his cheesesteak with Whiz and grilled onions. Poko enjoyed the Philly classic, stating “I was pretty surprised” and that sandwich’s contents were a “perfect combo”. However, if it was up to Poko, he would try something different. When asked to provide his idea of the sandwich, he suggested blue cheese on a baguette. Truly a bold statement in a market of uniformity. Natives and tourists can visit Steve’s Prince Of Steaks at any of their five locations to experience what Poko had for lunch.

Fans can view the video on the Philadelphia Fusion’s YouTube page and comment on where they would like to send someone for episode two.

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Featured Image Courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion

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