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Philly Unlocked Episode Two Released

The Fusion along with their sponsor CommScope have released episode two of their Philly Unlocked series. This video series provides an inside look at Fusion players becoming acquainted with the city of Philadelphia. Episode one of Philly Unlocked featured Gael “Poko” Gouzerch’s first cheesesteak that TGH reported on back in February. This brand new episode follows Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway and his quest to “Connect with my city”. CommScope brought FunnyAstro to Philadelphia’s Graffiti Pier to do just that.

An Explosion Of Art

Image courtesy of Joel Wolfram for WHYY

Graffiti Pier is the remains of a coal loading dock that was owned by Philadelphia based train company Conrail and shuttered in the early ’90s. It is located between the Port Richmond and Olde Kensington sections of Philadelphia along the Delaware River. This site has become a canvas for urban art enthusiasts since the closure of the dock. The city of Philadelphia is looking to preserve and redevelop the land into a park. In an interview with WHYY Philadelphia, Visit Philadelphia CEO Jeff Guaracio commented: “It’s one of our most Instagrammed sites in Philadelphia”.

Quest Complete

Image taken from Philly Unlocked courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion

When FunnyAstro arrived, he walked down a pathway leading to the pier and he appeared taken away by the artwork. He commented on the array of colors in the art and he was curious as to how many people provided their talent to the pier. He said if he was to paint a piece at Graffiti Pier, it would be of Lucio. FunnyAstro said that “It would be pretty cool if they made an Overwatch map that looks something like this”. He also poked some fun at the state of New Jersey. While standing on the bank of the Delaware River, FunnyAstro said “This is the Delaware River, which separates Philly from New Jersey. It looks like it sucks over there”.

In the end, Hathaway spoke on the unique aspects of the site. He said, “I’ve never seen anything so massive like this in the UK, with so much graffiti”. He also really enjoyed some Spiderman graffiti saying it was “very will panted” and “pretty accurate”. After his trip to Graffiti Pier, Hathaway said that it gave him “more insight into the art history of Philadelphia” and he felt more connected to the city.

Fans can view this video on the Philadelphia Fusion YouTube page today and comment where they would like to see the boys go next.

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Featured Image Courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion

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