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Philly Unlocked Episode Three Released

The Fusion are at it again with their sponsor CommScope to bring fans another episode of Philly Unlocked. The Philly Unlocked series opened with Fael “Poko” Gouzerch trying a cheesesteak. The second episode followed Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway and his exploration of Graffiti Pier. In the newest installment, fans follow Philadelphia Fusion veteran Isaac “Boombox” Charles to check out  Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

Repurposed For Beauty

Isaiah Zagar, creator of Magic Gardens – Image Courtesy of

Opened to the public since 2008, Magic Garden is the work of Isaiah Zagar. Since moving to the city in the ’60s, it was his mission to revitalize the South Street section of Philadelphia. He and his wife Julia helped renovate buildings and painted mosaics on walls in the area. Starting in 1991, he started creating walls made of objects he found around the city in a vacant lot. This lot would become Magic Gardens and all of the odds and ends collected can be visited today. Visitors of the garden can find everything from bottles, bikes and broken pots that create an explosion of art on busy South Street. Tourists and residents can visit Magic Garden at 1020 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Boombox’s Visit

Image Courtesy of C. Smyth for Visit Philadelphia

Fusion fans were introduced to Boombox’s funny side right off the bat. The episode started off like the others where the player was looking up a place to visit. He pulls up a picture of the Liberty Bell and says “I’m not really into American freedom, I’m from the UK, so I’ll skip that”. He stuck with Magic Gardens because it “looks weird and unique to Philadelphia”.

Magic Garden immediately sparked Boombox’s curiosity. He wondered where they acquired the random items like pepper and a “creepy looking figurines”. After that, the jokes start flowing again. He comes up on color tiles of fish and proclaimed that he found Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee’s family. Boombox found a chandelier made of bikes and said: “I think I found Poko’s bike”. Rounding out the episode, Boombox makes a great point. He said, “I think using all these broken pieces of glass and bottles is like, a really good way to use waste, which is a problem for our planet”.

Fans can view this video on the Philadelphia Fusion YouTube page today and comment where they would like to see the boys go next.

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