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Philadelphia Fusion: OWL Week 6 Preview

The Philadelphia Fusion is fresh off being brought back to reality by the hands of the Paris Eternal. During this past weekend’s Overwatch League matches, the Fusion had an uphill battle early and almost pulled off the reverse sweep. They fell 3-2 to the Eternal. The best thing the Fusion can do is learn from their poor play on maps one and two and prepare for a middle-of-the-road London Spitfire team next weekend.

Philadelphia Fusion (5-1) vs London Spitfire (3-2)

Image courtesy of The Overwatch League

The Spitfire’s almost completely different roster (minus Krillin) was a huge question with fans coming into the season. Coming into this week’s Washington Justice homestand, TGH had the London Spitfire in the 13th spot in the power rankings. They did not compete in the latest Justice homestand.

A scary force that the London Spitfire possess is their DPS core. Gilseong “Glister” Lim and Dongjae “Schwi” Lee have made a splash early in the season. Glister currently sits in the 11th spot in final blows per 10 minutes with 8.4 and Schwi lurks a little lower on the list with 4.8, according to the Overwatch League Stats Lab. Another stat that makes up for Schwi’s lower ranking on final blows is his Eliminations per 10 minutes with 16.6. He is currently tied with the Fusion’s Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee.

Last week, Josue “Eqo” Corona said they the Fusion always “stooped” down to their opponent’s skill level. It is debatable that this happened against Paris but the Fusion needs to continue with the mindset moving forward, especially in this game against the Spitfire. With the loss behind the Fusion, now is the time for them to reset and take advantage of a team trying to find their identity.

Player To Watch

Image courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This week’s player to watch is none other then Carpe. His Tracer looked great in Maps 3, 4 and 5 last week. The good news is coming with the upcoming hero pool. This week’s pool will allow Carpe to play his two bread and butter heroes in McCree and Widow. Look for his carry potential to skyrocket and for the Fusion to come back out swinging this week.

Prediction: Fusion win 3-1

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Featured Image Courtesy of The Overwatch League.

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