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Philadelphia Fusion: OWL Week 20 Preview

The Overwatch League is back in full swing after an exciting return last weekend. The Fusion faced a very mediocre Houston Outlaws team and took it to them 3-0. Fusion newcomer Heesu “Heesu” Jeong flexed his muscles and put out a clutch performance. The Volskya win and completion of the sweep was all due to Heesu showing how serious of a threat he is in the Overwatch League.

Their opponents coming into this weekend have a refreshed look and have shown the league to not underestimate their talent. Last weekend, they took a talented Paris team to a game five for the second time in a row. That opponent is the Boston Uprising.

Philadelphia Fusion (14-1) vs Boston Uprising (2-11)

Image Courtesy Of The Boston Uprising

The off-tank spot has been a huge question mark for the Uprising since the release of Walid “Mouffin” Bassal. Thomas “brussen” Brussen jumped in to take over and didn’t make a huge splash. The Uprising then employed the help of Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist and put him in as soon as possible. His drive and skill proved to answer the question mark on the off-tank spot. After signing Punk, Boston signed another off-tank in Michael “mikeyy” Konicki. He was played over Punk this weekend and also looked great.

Image Courtesy Of The Boston Uprising

Now that the Uprising has depth in a position that was a void, the DPS needs to step up, which the Uprising has…sometimes. Boston’s success lies in which heroes are banned. Fans have seen time and time again that Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse has a hard time on Mei. Luckily for him, Mei avoids bans like the plague. His DPS partner, Taehee “Jerry” Min, should not be a concern for Boston’s fan base. Jerry has performed up to his expectations since day one. Whenever Colourhex has an off game or is forced on the Mei, fans can count on Jerry to help pick him up. With the team’s overall struggle, though, Jerry’s carry potential hasn’t held much weight.

Philly Power

The Fusion need to go into this game as if they were playing the San Fransisco Shock. Boston has proven to take advantage of teams with their head down. Boston’s consistency and drive have pushed the Eternal to the brink twice. The Fusion has one loss on the season to this Eternal team so they need to keep their foot on the gas the whole game. As long as the Fusion overwhelm the Uprising, this should be a fairly painless victory.

Prediction: Fusion Win 3-0

Player To Watch: Carpe

Image Courtesy Of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

Jaehyeok “Carpe” Lee could be chosen every week at this point. Even with the fully stacked roster that the Fusion has, Carpe is always either the number one or number two driving force behind their winning ways. Carpe is the player to watch this week mainly for his DPS competition, Jerry. If Jerry wasn’t on a team at the bottom of the standings, he would be more of a household name and this is why this DPS matchup should be exciting. Fans should expect to see dueling Widows, McCrees or Tracers this weekend. With names like Carpe and Jerry behind those heroes in the same match should add up to some fireworks in this weekend’s match.

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