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Philadelphia Fusion: OWL Week 2 Preview

Thoth's Overwatch League Predictions Week 2

The time has come for the Fusion’s Battle of Brotherly Love homestand. The Philadelphia Fusion is ranked number five in TGH’s pre-season power rankings. While most fans agree that the Fusion has a strong team this season, there are still some questions with their roster.

Philadelphia Fusion (0-0) Washington Justice (0-0)

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The Fusion starts off its 2020 campaign against the Washington Justice team that picked up the pace in stage four last season. They also come into their first matches with two tanks looking to make their mark in ELLIVOTE and LullSiSH. In order for the Philadelphia Fusion to defeat the Washington Justice, two factors must happen.

  1. Shut down Corey and Stratus. When role queue was introduced to the league, this allowed players like Corey to play DPS and provided Stratus a time to shine. The Justice transformed into a powerhouse at that point going 6-1.
  2. Sado needs to play smart. Most Fusion fans agree that Sado feeds in almost every match. This comes from his lack of skill on Reinhardt. Sado is a Winston specialist and the unfortunate truth for him and his team is that dive isn’t meta at the moment.

Player To Watch

Sado will be the player to watch against the Washington Justice. He has had all off-season to practice Reinhardt and to understand his importance to the team. The Fusion comes into the 2020 season with one main tank on the roster. All eyes will be on him to see how well he creates space for the DPS and if he continues his 2019 form and feeds.

Prediction: The Fusion win 3-2

Philadelphia Fusion (0-0) Florida Mayhem (0-0)

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The Fusion’s final game of the homestand is against the Florida Mayhem team looking to start anew with a fresh new look and some backups looking to Runaway with victories. This game is the Fusion’s game to lose. While the Mayhem has talent in Sayaplayer, BQB and Fate, the Fusion’s talent will overwhelm them. The only matchup on paper that is questionable is Sado vs Fate.

Player To Watch

Carpe is the player to watch against the Mayhem. When Carpe is given a chance to pop off, he will do just that. Carpe had 219 eliminations on eight maps in two games against Mayhem last season according to Blizzard’s new Stats Lab.

Prediction: The Fusion win 3-1


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