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Overwatch League Recap: Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire


Revenge has never tasted so sweet. After suffering a crushing loss during Grand Finals, the Philadelphia Fusion are back and better than ever after defeating the London Spitfire in the first match of the season.


Ilios, Overwatch
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Things started off rocky on Ilios. An unfortunate pick on Boombox caused the Philadelphia Fusion to lose control of the first point and they were unable to gain it back. Things started to look up for the boys in orange on Ruins, allowing them to go to the next map. On Well, the Fusion managed to get the point to 99% before the London Spitfire managed to briefly cap it. For a moment, it seemed like the Spitfire would hold. but an easy pick on Birdring caused the Spitfire to lose their grip. The Philadelphia Fusion took the map 3-1.


Hollywood was a doozy for the Philadelphia Fusion. On attack, they looked completely disorganized and were only able to cap the point in overtime. They managed to push the payload fairly far, but it was a tumultuous journey. Poko’s self destructs were constantly out of sync with Carpe’s gravitons and Neptuno was often in the Spitfire’s backline, which often resulted in his death. After a great grav/bomb combo from Birdring and Fury, things looked grim for the Fusion. They were unable to push the payload all the way, despite Neptuno’s best efforts to hold the point in time for his teammates to come back. Surprisingly, the Philadelphia Fusion managed to make a turnaround on defense. The Philadelphia Fusion took the map 3-2.


Volskaya Industries is absolutely cursed for the Philadelphia Fusion. Just looking at the map is enough to give Fusion fans war flashbacks. Volskaya is where Profit absolutely tore through the Philadelphia Fusion’s defense during Grand Finals, ultimately resulting in the London Spitfire becoming Season 1’s champions.

History was, unfortunately, doomed to repeat itself for the Philadelphia Fusion. Though both teams managed to push the map to 4-4, an unfortunate C9 had the Philadelphia Fusion scrambling. They decided to switch things up for their final chance to defend. Putting Poko on Sombra and Carpe on Widow seemed to be working in their favor for a while. However, after using EMP, both Poko and Eqo died, with the rest of the team following in suit. The London Spitfire broke Fusion fans’ hearts and took the map 4-5.


The easiest map of the night, the Philadelphia Fusion’s defense has never looked stronger. The London Spitfire were unable to come up with an answer to the Fusion, barely pushing the payload past the Hotel. While Birdring did try to break the Fusion’s defense with Reaper, it was too late. When it came time for the Philadelphia Fusion to attack, it was like watching dominoes fall. One great stun from eqo on Gesture, and the rest of the London Spitfire followed. The Philadelphia Fusion took the map 1-0.


An amazing start to the season, this is the redemption arc that Fusion fans have been hoping for. The Philadelphia Fusion were devastated after their loss to the London Spitfire last season. Even though Chef Heidi keeps the boys well fed, the Philadelphia Fusion came back to the Overwatch League absolutely hungry for blood. The Philadelphia Fusion are looking stronger than ever and it’s going to be one hell of a ride watching them the rest of the season.

Be sure to tune in for the Philadelphia Fusion’s second match of the week against the Atlanta Reign at 4:30 PM EST on February 17!

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