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Nerd Street Gamers to Produce All Fusion Homestands

Nerd Street Gamers, Philadelphia Fusion

Nerd Street Gamers has announced its new partnership with the Philadelphia Fusion. They will produce all three of the Fusion’s 2020 homestands. Nerd Street Gamers is a well-known esports production company; they have gained a reputation for the hard work that they have put into producing and promoting esports events. They are primarily known among Philadelphians for their work with Harrisburg University along with other various local esports tournaments.

Due to their high involvement with Philadelphia esports, this move makes sense. The Fusion knows that they have an incredibly passionate and dedicated fanbase. According to Julie Truong, the Fusion’s Director of Business Operations, the Fusion wants to “provide an unforgettable experience that gives fans a taste of what’s to come once Fusion Arena opens its doors in 2021.”

The Fusion broke ground for the Fusion Arena last October. It is slated to open for the 2021 season, but until then fans will have their choice of attending Homestands at either The Met or Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

The Fusion Homestands

  • Battle of Brotherly Love: The Met, Feb. 15-16
  • Hometown Heroes Philadelphia: The Met, May 23-24
  • Boardwalk Brawl: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City,  June 6-7
Philadelphia Fusion
Graphic courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion
For more information on tickets, visit

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