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Clash of the Best With ChrisTFer

Today features a match with the promises to produce fireworks. The San Francisco Shock will be taking on the Philadelphia Fusion. Philly and San Francisco sit number two and three in the standings respectively. The Game Haus had the opportunity to speak to one of the Fusion’s assistance coaches, Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham, ahead of this huge match.

TGH: How is the team preparing for this match? Are they preparing any differently?

ChrisTFer: It’s not going totally different than normal. We have had a few days where we are putting on an extra scrim block. We usually do two blocks a day but a few days we are going to go up to three blocks a day. There is definitely a slight push for this week but I don’t think there is anything revolutionary.

TGH: What aspects of the game do you think the Fusion have over the Shock coming into this weekend?

ChrisTFer: I think with both teams on an individual basis will be extremely close. I think they have a situation where all six of their players think they are the best in their position in the league. We’re probably in the same position. Maybe we would have more depth in the DPS position in terms of substitutes and rotating through maps. I think overall with both teams it is pretty evenly matched. On paper this game is as close as it could be.

TGH: At this point in the season, who do you think the standout on the Shock’s roster is?

ChrisTFer: They have a roster that we found out how good they were last year but I think ANS coming in on DPS. I think one thing I respect the Shock for is not resting on laurels after last season and they still looked into the market to try and upgrade. The fact that they managed to find someone who I think is the best Widowmaker on the planet adds to their roster. He has definitely impressed me a lot this season.

TGH: Do you think that the fans could see your brother aka the unluckiest man in Overwatch, ChipSa at any point in the rest of the season?

ChrisTFer: I think it’s possible. I think Phil (ChipSa) has been unlucky that there hasn’t been a significant Doomfist meta. Even across hero bans, you’d think there would be a week where he is good. To be honest with you, no team has found a good way to use him. We were happy that we were able to play him against Vancouver. We don’t know the rest of the schedule for the rest of the season. I don’t think it’s impossible to see ChipSa in another match by the end of the season.

TGH: What kinds of games or hobbies do you enjoy to filling your time with?

ChrisTFer: I’m actually not much of a gamer if you could believe that. You know, I always say the thing about esports is that it combines the people who have the love of competition or sport with people who have a love of just gaming. I’ll be spending much more time watching sports or before COVID-19, playing sports. Sometimes I’ll find a game like Hearthstone Battlegrounds. I went through an addiction phase of that for a month or so.

TGH: Many Philadelphians are foodies. Cheese-steak or not, what is the best food since you moved to Philly?

ChrisTFer: I think it is the cheese-steak actually.  When I first moved here, I didn’t see how steak and cheese on a sandwich was a delicacy. I went through a phase during the season where I was getting them on the regular.

TGH: Do you have a favorite restaurant?

ChrisTFer: There’s a place in the city center called Steve’s. One time I had it for lunch and for dinner so I’m a fan.

The Game Haus would like to thank ChrisTFer for his time. You can follow ChrisTfer on Twitter here!

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