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Philadelphia Fusion: Trust lost with Fragi and Poko?

The Philadelphia Fusion have hidden two of their best players away since the first game of stage four. Fragi and Poko have not been seen since a win against the Boston Uprising in week one of stage four. Sado and Hotba have taken over the main and off-tank roles ever since. While the Fusion have a decent record without Fragi and Poko, fans are left wondering what happened. Two of the most consistent tanks in the Overwatch League have been benched. Sado and Hotba have done good, but have they done well enough to warrant benching fan favorites of the team?

The Story So Far

The Fusion are 5-3 during this stage. It’s a positive record for sure, but they’ve dropped a key match. While the Dallas Fuel have looked great this stage, the Fusion should’ve put them in the dirt this stage. Losing that match put their season playoff hopes on the rocks, and they continue to fight for position. Giving everything they have, why aren’t they playing Fragi or Poko?

Fragi’s Dive
2018-04-20 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Fragi was a decent Winston. The plan was always to have Sado focus on the Winston play and have Fragi for more shield tanks. With Sado’s suspension throughout the first three stages, both roles were Fragi’s. The curios case is that with Sado eligible to play, and his expertise with Winston, he finds himself playing when the dive meta is in danger. Reinhardt is being played more often. Yet, Fragi is nowhere to be seen. It’s a shame, as Fragi has been one of the top Reins alongside Fissure. With no real update or comment coming out of the Fusion regarding Fragi’s disappearance, fans are left wondering why Sado continues to play over him.

Fragi practically dragged the Fusion to the stage two playoffs with Carpe, and he has not been rewarded for his fantastic play. Maybe it’s the Fusion allowing him to change his play style from more dive into the ever changing meta Brigitte has created. Whatever it is, Fragi should be a key fixture in Philadelphia’s game plan.

Poko Self-Destructing

Poko was constantly in highlights for his opportunistic self-destructs as His off-tank play was a fantastic compliment to Fragi’s offensive style, and he was constantly in the right position for each fight. His protection of his supports, alongside Fragi’s dive, lead the team to a surprising run for the stage two championship. It’s obvious that Fragi and Poko have great communication between themselves, and that the team responds well to their style of play.

Now that stage four has introduced Brigitte and changed the meta, does that fully explain why Fragi and Poko are watching from the side-lines? They had more time to develop team chemistry, and team-play is everything in Overwatch. Why then have the Fusion decided to ride the Hotba, Sado train during stage four? With a week remaining in the Overwatch League regular season, it will be a decision highly scrutinized. Fans continue to call for Fragi’s release from the bench with his Reinhardt play. Whatever the case, here’s to hoping that the Fusion are able to shape up with their squad and make the season playoffs.

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