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Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles – Supports

Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles - Tanks

After a very successful run of Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season, the Philadelphia Fusion’s players showed themselves worthy of winning it all, but after a great grand finals match, they were just a little bit short. This year, they’re coming to show everyone what they’re capable of, but they have some tough competition in front of them that will try to make that harder for them.

The Fusion’s players are a very talented bunch, the DPS and the Tanks were highlighted in previous editions of this series, but this time, the ones keeping them alive and ensuring everyone is ready for the next fight take the lead, it’s time for the Supports.



Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles - Supports
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Name: Alberto “neptuNo” González

Birthday: February 12, 1992 (27 years old)

Country: Spain

Jersey Number: 8

Twitter: @neptuNo

Twitch: neptuNoOW

Philadelphia Fusion’s star Mercy player. His preferred hero pool is composed of Mercy, Lucio, Zenyatta, Ana and Sombra. He has been part of the Fusion roster since before the Inaugural Season. He is considered one of the deadliest Mercy players in the League.

Neptuno is a player that has a lot of experience in esports. Since his early days when he was 10 years old, he used to play a lot of Counter-Strike. He has such ease with the game that even at age 15, he was considered one of the best players in Spain, even winning multiple tournaments. When he got to university, he tried League of Legends but didn’t like it. It was because he wanted to play with his friends that he started playing it more frequently. Even getting to a point where he reached the Top 40 in all of Europe. NeptuNo has had a varied career, most of it being part of many teams at once.

When Overwatch came out, he knew right away that he wanted to become the best at the game, so he started playing almost non-stop. When he found himself rising between the ranks he decided it was time to join a team in Overwatch. So, for the first edition of the Go4Overwatch Cup: Europe, he was part of Beasy, with this team he also played the qualifiers for The Battle 2016.

After finishing their first tournament, he joined Stone Templars. With them, he played on the second edition of the Go4Overwatch Cup and competed in the main tournament of The Battle 2016, as well as in the Movistar Gaming Experience Season 1. He joined team NoNameYet, whose whole roster was signed shortly after by Aera Esport for the third qualifier of the Overwatch Open. For the fourth qualifier, they were traded back to NoNameYet, the team he completed the tournament with. NeptuNo was also part of Giants Gaming for one iteration of the GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly. He played as a stand-in for Team Vitality for Underdogs Season 4 and was part of Mousesports for the Go4Overwatch Cup: Europe #30.

2017 marked a new realm of possibilities for NeptuNo. He got signed at the beginning of the year by the Movistar Raiders, a team where he was highly successful on and where he stayed the longest. The team played on every single competition they could put their hands on and won most of them. From weekly Go4Overwatch Cups to majors like the Overwatch Pit Championship, no one could stand up to the Movistar Raiders. He played with them in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero: Europe. However, they were prematurely disqualified from the tournament as they got matched during the quarterfinals against team eUnited, the squad that won the whole competition. He too played as a stand-in for Cloud9 during Season 1 of Contenders and was part of the Hulktastic Cup on team Watch NeptuNo Feed On DPS.

Neptuno has participated in two iterations of the Overwatch World Cup with Team Spain, on 2016 and 2017. On the first World Cup, they flew through group stages finishing first place but were disqualified on the first round by Team Finland. On 2017, unfortunately, they couldn’t get out of the group stage, as they were beaten by Team Australia on the qualifier playoffs.



Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles - Supports
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Name: Isaac “Boombox” Charles

Birthday: April 17, 1997 (22 years old)

Country: England

Jersey Number: 42

Twitter: @boombox

Twitch: boombox

Fusion’s specialist on Zenyatta. His Hero pool is made up of Zenyatta, Ana and Moira. He had been a part of Philadelphia since the Inaugural Season’s preseason. He is considered the western hemisphere’s best Zenyatta player.

Prior to Overwatch, Boombox was a Starcraft 2 player part of FM eSports, where he played Protoss. He played in 6 minor tournaments, two of which he won and two where he placed second. He managed to enter Durham University but got into a lot of trouble for attendance due to staying at home playing Overwatch.

His career in professional Overwatch has been small in regards to teams, but huge when it comes to results. He joined team Cyclone in 2017 and after a tough first match, they started gliding through competitions. They won Go4Overwatch’s Weekly Cup #39 and it’s monthly January final, but after StriveWire Monthly’s March Brawl, the team disbanded. This wasn’t the end for the squad, however, cause they stayed together and formed Cyclowns. The same wave of success followed the team, as they won Go4Overwatch’s February, March and April’s Monthly tournaments as well as various weeklies. The took part of the Overwatch Pit Championship Season 1, but unfortunately were eliminated by the Helsinki Reds in the quarterfinals.

He left the team in order to join eUnited, as he wanted to be part of Overwatch League and Cyclowns weren’t participating. He was part of Overwatch Contenders Season Zero: Europe, and not only did he play in the tournament, but the squad also won the whole competition. They played in Contenders Season 1, but weren’t as successful and finished in seventh place. This was enough, however, as he was the only one on his team to be picked up for Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season.

His career also has World Cups in it with Team United Kingdom. His first was in 2017, where after not dropping a single match in the qualifiers, they got eliminated in quarterfinals by Team Sweden. 2018 was a different story, they managed to clutch a spot at the Blizzcon event just behind Team France after the Paris Qualifiers, but when it was time for the quarterfinals, they proceeded to achieve the biggest upset in the history of Competitive Overwatch after beating Team USA 3-1. They had to play against Team South Korea afterward, and everyone knows how that normally goes.


Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles - Supports
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Name: Elijah Hudson “Elk” Gallagher

Birthday: September 23, 1999 (19 years old)

Country: United States

Jersey Number: 17

Twitter: @elk

Twitch: ElkGG

The Heroes he favors the most are Lucio, Mercy and Ana. He has played in Fusion University, Philadelphia’s Academy team since Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 1. He was upgraded from their academy team to their main roster for Overwatch League’s Season 2 and is currently on a two-way contract playing in Fusion University as well.

Elk’s Overwatch career started al the way back in 2016. Like most professional players, his start had him switching teams constantly. His first team was the McRightClicks, and with them, he competed on one edition of Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly. After this, he switched over to Helix eSports. On this team, he managed to win two Academy Gaming Overwatch Weeklies, achieving the first wins of his career. In 2017, the start of the year was marked by him joining a new team, East Wind. The squad had a rough beginning but started picking it up quickly and bringing in some wins, these include the first four editions of the Athena Cup Open League and Rivalcade #6.

After a little while, their whole roster was picked up by Evil Geniuses. As expected, they continued their record and kept bringing in wins like the Athena Cup Open League Finals and The Overguard tournament. They participated in Overwatch Contenders 2017 Season Zero but unfortunately were not able to get past the qualifier stage. Elk also played with MEGA Esports on the Overwatch Pacific Championship and won the Overwatch Heroes Rumble with team Sun With Face Clap.

Even though he wasn’t able to get into the Overwatch League straight away, he did not remain unseen, as at the beginning of 2018 he was called to join Philadelphia Fusion’s Academy team, Fusion University. This team is the most dominant team in the Contenders scene in North America, as they won all three seasons of the competition in 2018 with him in the lineup. All this effort finally paid off and he was upgraded to Fusion’s main roster in compete in Overwatch League’s Season 2.


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