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Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles – DPS

Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles- DPS

The Philadelphia Fusion: one of Overwatch League’s best teams. Last year, they were contenders for the Season 1 Championship at the Barclay’s Center in New York against the London Spitfire. This year, they come prepared and are decided to take it all, but they’ll have to face some tough competition in this new season.

Last time, the center of attention was the LA Valiant and the Houston Outlaws. In this new series of articles, it’s time for the Philadelphia Fusion to take the spotlight. First, their DPS.


Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles- DPS
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Name: Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee

Birthday: October 14, 1998 (20 years old)

Country: South Korea

Jersey Number: 18

Twitter: @carpe_ow

Twitch: carpe

Philadelphia Fusion’s star hitscan player with exceptional Widowmaker skills. His preferred hero pool is composed of Widowmaker, Tracer, McCree, Hanzo and Zarya. He joined the Fusion as part of their original roster for the Inaugural Season. He was a contender for the title of Season 1 MVP.

Before his start on professional esports, Carpe was not sure about what he was going to do. Being as competitive as he’s always been, he leaned towards sports – speed skating, in particular. He was part of multiple competitions in the sport and even won some medals. When he was introduced to Overwatch, he immediately knew this was what was going to be his career.

His start on the professional side of Overwatch was a little slower than some of his other teammates, as he started in 2017. He decided to join team BK Stars, where even though he didn’t compete in much, he participated in APEX Seasons 2 and 3. The results were not that good, but the team managed to clinch third place in their group both times they competed. He decided to make the switch over to Selfless Gaming in order to compete in Season 0 of Overwatch Contenders: North America.

As the story repeated itself, the results weren’t that good. However, despite not doing great, his talents were noticed by another team. Just days before Contenders Season 1, he was signed to FaZe Clan. This was a big change for him because even though in his career in Overwatch he didn’t have that many competitions, this was his highest result until then. His excellent DPS plays made him a prime target in signing season, so he was immediately snatched by the Philadelphia Fusion.

He played as part of Team South Korea in Overwatch World Cup 2018. Their performance was flawless across the whole competition, from the Incheon Qualifier to the Blizzcon elimination rounds. They managed to win 1st place for the third time in a row by only dropping two maps across all games.



Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles- DPS
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Name: Josue “eqo” Corona

Birthday: May 10, 1999 (19 years old)

Country: Israel

Jersey Number: 15

Twitter: @eqo

Twitch: eqobot

Philly Fusion’s master projectile DPS player. The Heroes he’s best at are Genji, Pharah, Junkrat, Hanzo and Roadhog. He was signed as part of the original roster but was unable to play due to visa issues and could only join them on stage until midway through the Inaugural Season.

At a very young age, his family moved from Colombia to Israel. After going through some tough times adapting to a new country with a completely different language, he found support in his father, who always told him to follow and fight for what he loved. When his father passed away due to cancer, he was introduced to Overwatch. He immediately fell in love with the game and decided he was going to be the best at it. Keeping that momentum and honoring his father’s memory has taken him to reach the Overwatch League, and to be one of the best in the world.

His first steps in professional Overwatch were made by joining NerdRage. He was on this team for a very short time and competed only in one StriveWire Monthly Overwatch Brawl, where after achieving second place in group stages, they were defeated in quarterfinals. He became part of X4ckers one month after, but he was playing for CompLexity Gaming as well. With the former, he played on one of Go4Overwatch Europe Cups, which they won. However, on the latter team, CompLexity, he played in major tournaments like Overwatch Rumble and Season 1 of Overwatch PIT Championship North America.

In order to be part of Overwatch League he had to make some changes, so he became part of Zengaming Esports. With his new squad, he played in both qualifiers for Overwatch Contenders 2017 Season 0: Europe, but sadly they weren’t able to participate in the main competition. He played in two more editions of the Go4Overwatch weeklies and achieved second place in one of them. He was part of the memorial event for Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka, The Hulktastic Cup, with team Watch Neptuno Feed On DPS.

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Santa Monica Qualifiers as a part of Team Israel has been his only apparition in World Cups with the rest of his Zengaming Esports teammates. His team was not able to move onto the qualifiers as they were placed in the same group as Overwatch giants Team Germany and Team United Kingdom.



Philadelphia Fusion: Player Profiles- DPS
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Name: Simon “snillo” Ekström

Birthday: March 2, 2000 (19 years old)

Country: Sweden

Jersey Number: 3

Twitter: @snillo_ow

Twitch: snillo_ow

As part of his hero pool, we can see Tracer, Soldier 76 and McCree. He has been part of Fusion’s original Inaugural Season roster. He has been on a two-way contract with Fusion University, Philadelphia’s academy team for Overwatch Contenders North America: Season 3.

When he decided Overwatch was the game in which he was gonna go pro, he joined Bastuu Pojkars. With this team, he played only on one edition of the Rivalcade Weekly Europe. After that one game with the team, he moved over to Böda Socken, where he played mostly weekly and monthly competitions like Go4Overwatch Europe Cups and more RiIvalcade Weeklies. His results on these competitions were varied, though he mostly stayed above fourth place. For only one tournament he was part of team Vivi’s Adventure. The name is a reference to the arcade machines in Overwatch that can be found in maps like Hanamura’s initial attacker spawn. With this squad he played in King of Nordic: BirdieLAN 27, where they achieved second place.

As Overwatch League got closer, he realized he wanted to be a part of it, so he joined 123. This team was highly successful, as they never got a result lower than fifth. He won two Go4Overwatch Europe Cups as well as getting second place in Overwatch Contenders 2017 Season Zero: Europe and fourth in Season 1. These good results gave him a very good chance when looking for his part in a League team, as he got his spot in the Fusion. He was also part of team Watch Neptuno Feed on DPS with eqo on the Hulktastic Cup.

He has participated in two Overwatch World Cups as well, 2017 and 2018. In his first World Cup, he managed to get third place, winning against Team France in the third place decider match. His 2018 World Cup was a bit different because they couldn’t make it out of the Bangkok Qualifier, where Team Australia and Team China scored their tickets to Blizzcon.



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