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The Paris Eternal Welcome Element Mystic Damage Star Sp9rk1e, Head Coach Rush, and Assistant Coaches Levi and Aid

The Paris Eternal announced early Thursday their official welcome to Yun “Rush” Hee-Won, Kim “Sp9rk1e” Yeong-Han, Jeong “Levi” Chung-Heyok and Go “Aid” Jae Yoon .  Although the Element Mystic head coach and star damage player have been heavily rumored for the Eternal, there was still speculation amongst the community about whether or not these rumors were true as Paris was a team initially founded to showcase EU talent.

After multiple wins throughout Korean Contenders, the pair have truly proved that they belong on a bigger stage. Both Rush and Sp9rk1e have been with Element Mystic from its beginning, with its first major win during APEX season 5. Element Mystic is well renowned for their commanding playstyle and for producing some of the best players in recent memory. Led by Sp9rk1e’s unmatched skill on Doomfist and expert execution with Pharah, Element Mystic most recently dominated the Contender’s Gauntlet, and were crowned the champions after an indomitable showing.

Paris Eternal further shocked fans when they additionally announced the signing of Levi, another former Element Mystic coach who has served as an assistant coach for the Shanghai Dragons during season 2. Under Levi’s guidance, the Dragons were famously able to come back from a 42 match losing streak this season.

The coup de grâce was the addition of Aid to the coaching staff as well. Aid most recently played for the Toronto Defiant after having varied success throughout APEX and Contenders. He simultaneously retired from playing and announced his foray into coaching in a singular tweet this morning.

The newly signed quartet seem to already be embracing the French spirit, as all four of them started their response tweets with “Bonjour”. Sp9rk1e even remarked that the community must be surprised at his new team choice, but that he will “try to make ParisEternal [sic] the best team.”

The Paris Eternal had already announced the signing of Kim “NineK” Bum-Hoon last week, which brings their total number of Korean coaches to four. There has not been any word yet on whether strategic coach Joni “Seita” Paavola is planning on staying with the team or not.


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