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Overwatch League Recap: Paris Eternal vs. Guangzhou Charge

Paris Eternal



Paris Eternal
2019-03-10 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
  • George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha
  • Terence “SoOn” Tarlier
  • Roni “LhCloudy” Tiihonen
  • Finnbjörn “Finnsi” Jónasson
  • Luís “Greyy” Perestrelo
  • Harrison “Kruise” Pond


  • Karol “Danye” Szcześniak

Oasis: Paris 2-0 Guangzhou

On Gardens, the Paris Eternal started off looking incredibly strong. Running Winston GOATS, LhCloudy made his debut much to the delight of fans. With Shadowburn on Brigitte and Soon on Zarya, Paris’ GOATS composition looked solid for the first time since the disastrous Atlanta Reign series last stage. The Charge managed to flip the point in their favor, but the Eternal were able to take it back just as quickly. On University, the Eternal struggled slightly at the beginning. With Jung-woo “Happy” Lee on McCree, he was able to get critical picks on the Eternal’s support line up. Using Dead Eye, Happy managed to get two great picks and fans worried that this map was lost. However, the Eternal quickly turned things back in their favor. The Paris Eternal won Oasis 2-0.

Paris: Paris 2-0 Guangzhou

Photo courtesy of Overwatch

To the surprise of everyone, the Paris Eternal didn’t run GOATS. For the duration of the series, Paris would favor the triple DPS composition. Subbing in Danye for Shadowburn, fans got to see Danye on Pharah and Kruise on Mercy. The Eternal attacked first on Paris, and they were able to push quickly onto Point A as the Guangzhou Charge decided to play more passively. Danye got an incredible rocket barrage that allowed Paris to cap the point. Once the point was capped, Paris decided to swap back onto GOATS. This decision would give the Eternal some trouble. Hong-joon “HOTBA” Choi landed a great self-destruct with the assistance of Jung-yeon “Chara” Kim who would use Lucio’s boop to knock both Soon and LhCloudy into the bomb. Coming back, LhCloudy would whiff his shatter as Jin-seo “Shu” Kim used transcendence just before the hammer landed. Luckily this would not deter the Eternal as Finnsi and Soon would use a graviton surge, self-destruct combo to wipe out the Charge. This allowed Paris to take Point B. As far as defense goes, the Paris Eternal would end up full-holding the Charge while running Kruise on Baptiste and Dayne on Bastion. The Charge tried to run a counter bastion with Happy, but Soon’s Sombra would keep him hacked and preoccupied. The Eternal took Paris 2-0.

Eichenwalde: Paris 3-2 Guangzhou

Swapping Shadowburn back in, the Paris Eternal were the first to attack on Eichenwalde. Favoring the triple DPS composition once more, fans saw LhCloudy on Wrecking ball and the Eternal rolled their way through Point A. With Shadowburn back on Pharah, fans saw him pop off multiple times, often without using barrage. Once the payload had been pushed to Point B, the Eternal swapped back onto traditional GOATS composition. After pushing the payload to the end of the map, the Eternal did their best to defend Point A, but Hotba was a force to be reckoned with on Pharah. His aggressive Pharah alongside Happy’s Soldier: 76 allowed the Charge to push the payload to Point B. The Eternal’s defense looked a lot better once the payload was inside the Castle. They managed to hold the Charge off for quite some time, but the Charge had one last fight in them before time ran out. Luckily for Paris, Greyy had transcendence and kept his teammates alive long enough to take out the charge. The Eternal took Eichenwalde 3-2.

Junkertown: Paris 3-2 Guangzhou

Photo courtesy of Polygon

Pirate ship remains the dominant composition on Junkertown. With Shadowburn on Bastion and Grey on Baptiste, the Eternal sailed their way through the Charge’s defenses. Once again, Shadowburn was the star of the show as he popped off multiple times, especially toward’s the end of the map. When it came time for the Charge to attack, fans saw Finley “Kyb” Adisi with Chara on Baptiste. This combo, alongside Happy on Widow, saw a more aggressive and familiar Guangzhou Charge. They managed to push the payload to Point B, but unfortunately for the Charge, the Eternal were able to hold down the fort. Paris took Junkertown 3-2.


The Paris Eternal looked incredible tonight. After a rough first stage, the lineup changes that head coach Félix “Féfé” Münch made truly turned things around for them. Fans got to see just how in sync Shadowburn and Soon are with another. Danye also works incredibly well alongside Soon. Féfé’s decision to rotate between the three of them shows that he already has a much better grasp of the team’s dynamics. Putting in Cloudy over Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait also proved to be the right call. This new starting roster is already looking much better, and fans of the Eternal are hopeful for what the rest of Stage 2 will bring.

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