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Overwatch League Recap: Paris Eternal vs. Boston Uprising

Paris Eternal

For the Paris Eternal’s last game of the weekend, they would be facing off against the Boston Uprising. The last time these two teams faced off, the Paris Eternal did the impossible and reverse swept the Uprising. The Uprising have not managed to win a single series so far this stage. They are one of the first few teams out of contention for stage playoffs. Would the Eternal manage another upset?


Paris Eternal, BenBest

2019-06-20 – Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Playoffs / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret

Karol “Danye” Szcześniak

Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait

Finnbjörn “Finnsi” Jónasson

Harrison “Kruise” Pond

Luís “Greyy” Perestrelo

Oasis: Paris 2-0 Boston


Paris would be first to capture the point after a long fight with the Uprising where both teams were able to build up their ultimates. Boston’s first attempt to capture the point would end miserably as a Nano-Boosted BenBest charged and took out Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth. Richard “rCk” Kanerv was moments too late with his EMP to even try to save him, and Paris was able to maintain the point. On their second attempt, Danye would throw his Graviton Surge, but Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse would get a pick on NICOgdh. Finnsi would throw his self-destruct in a panic, but Kristian “Kellex” Keller would go on a rampage and take out the team. Boston would briefly flip the point back in their favor, but BenBest would land a colossal Earthshatter after getting stunned and booped around for a solid five seconds. NiCOgdh would be on clean-up duty as he took out Colourhex and Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang. Paris would retake the point once more; although Boston had enough time, Fusions would miss a much needed Earthshatter and Paris would take the map.

City Center

With NiCOgdh on Roadhog and Danye on Sombra, the Eternal would face off against a Pharmercy composition from the Uprising. Both teams would play things slowly to build up their ultimate economies, but Paris would be the first to take the point after NiCOgdh got a pick on Minseok “AimGod” Kwon. Paris would maintain their hold for quite some time, but Colourhex would get key picks on BenBest and Greyy. Boston would take control, but Danye would manage to take out rCk, and this would open up a path for Paris to wipe out the remaining members of the Uprising. Paris would take Oasis 2-0.

Volskaya Industries: Paris 2-1 Boston

Volskaya Industries. Courtesy of Blizzard

Running a Sombra GOATS composition, Finnsi would surprisingly get multiple picks on Colourhex who was on Widowmaker. Boston did their best to run a triple DPS composition with Fusions on Wrecking Ball, but he would be unable to create the space that blasé desperately needed as Pharah. Blasé would get a pick on Danye, but the Uprising would be unable to capitalize on that pick. Danye would come back and use his EMP, letting Paris wipe out Boston entirely.

With time dwindling, Finnsi would get a pick on rCk before being taken out himself by Colourhex who had swapped onto Hanzo. Losing Finnsi caused the Eternal to fumble, and Boston was able to capture Point A on the back of Colourhex’s dragon strike. Paris would let Boston get two ticks on Point B before finally taking back control. Boston would make many attempts to cap the point, but Paris would be ready for each team fight. Rck would do his best to get behind the Eternal’s backline, but would the mistake of uncloaking within range of BenBest who would nail him with a swift charge. Boston would finally get on the point with the help of a Graviton Surge from Colourhex, but Kruise would use Beat to save them. Paris would hold Boston at Point B.


On attack, Paris would run a quad DPS composition with Kruise on Mercy as their solo healer. For some reason, Boston would decide to play inside the room opposite the point, allowing Finnsi to get great picks on Widowmaker. Paris would take Point A with ease, but when it came time to cap Point B, Paris would be forced to retreat. Swapping onto GOATS, Paris would get wiped out fairly quickly, but NiCOgdh would bait out AimGod’s transcendence causing him to swap onto Ana. It would take some time, but Paris would finally take the point after isolating Fusions from his team. Paris would take Volskaya 2-1.

Eichenwalde: Paris 4-5 Boston

Image courtesy of Dextero

On defense, Paris would run a Winston-Sombra GOATS composition, but would not be able to handle the pressure from Colourhex’s Pharah. Colourhex would destroy the Eternal’s defenses with ease, and Boston would manage to push the payload through Point B before Paris was finally able to stabilize again. Paris would hold the Uprising off for a bit with the help of a Graviton Surge from Finnsi, but rCk would land a huge EMP that would allow Fusions to wipe out Paris’ frontline. Despite their best efforts to stagger onto the point, Boston would end up pushing the payload to completion.

On defense, Paris would put NiCOgdh on Roadhog in an attempt to break up the Uprising’s defense. He would end up hooking and getting a great pick on Aimgod, but it would not be enough. Colourhex would consistently pop off on Widowmaker and take out Paris with ease. It would take both Greyy using his Coalescence and NiCOgdh’s Whole-Hog to force Boston off the point.  Paris would manage to push the payload to Point B thanks to NiCOgdh’s unrelenting pursuit of Boston’s backline. His aggressiveness bought Danye time to build up his EMP, which he used and allowed Paris to get through the doors. As Paris neared the throne room, both teams would use all their ultimates in a confusing uproar, but Paris would end out coming on top and pushing the payload to completion with more time in their bank.


On Boston’s overtime attack, it seemed as though Paris would be able to full-hold the Uprising. However, blasé would play out of his mind on Doomfist and Boston would cap Point A. With literally no time left, it would take a self-destruct from Finnsi and a pick on Colourhex from Danye on McCree to halt the Uprising in their tracks. During the Eternal’s second round of attack, they would run a similar Roadhog composition to capture the point. With more than enough time, Paris would, unfortunately, fall apart as the payload hit the gate. Fusions would land a nasty shatter on the Eternal and take out Greyy, which would cause Paris to panic and stagger onto the payload. Paris would end up losing Eichenwalde 4-5.

Dorado: Paris 2-3 Boston

Courtesy of Gamepedia.

Dorado would start pretty weird for the Paris Eternal. On defense, they would run a Mei GOATS composition. While this would not be weird on its own, Paris would also decide to contest the payload from one of the first rooms outside of Boston’s spawn. While it certainly ate time away from the Uprising’s attack, they played themselves by hiding away in a little room with no room to escape. Colourhex would use Barrage to take out the Eternal from the back door, while blasé let his junk-tire rip. From there, Boston’s DPS composition would blast through the Eternal’s defenses with ease. Paris would manage to stabilize a bit after the payload hit Point B, but Boston would manage to push the payload to completion during overtime once again.

Paris would have a tough time on attack. Blasé on Pharah would pressure Paris from above, denying them any attempts to push the payload very far. It would take a Graviton Surge from Danye before Paris was able to make any headway with the payload during overtime. Deciding enough was enough, Danye would swap onto Widowmaker to duel Colourhex. Danye would then steal the show as he nailed one crisp headshot after another. This allowed Paris to push the payload to Point B, but Danye would swap back onto Zarya after Paris noticed that Boston had decided to run GOATS to defend. Unfortunately, this would halt Paris from making any further progress. Fusions would land a massive Earthshatter on Paris, and the rest would be history. Paris would lose Dorado 2-3.

Nepal: Paris 0-2 Boston

Courtesy of Gamepedia.

Running a bunker composition, Boston appeared to have the upper hand at first. However, Greyy would be able to take out Colourhex’s Bastion with ease. The teams would trade kills, but Paris would end up taking the first cap on the point. Paris would maintain their hold for quite some time, but Boston would finally flip the point at 85 percent. Boston would also hold the point for quite some time; Kellex would get a nasty boop on Danye that would cause Paris to retreat. Despite Paris’s best efforts, they would end up stepping off the map during overtime, and they would lose Sanctum.


Again, Paris would take the first cap after a long battle for the point. Unfortunately, rCk would come back with a massive EMP that would allow Boston to flip the point in their favor. BenBest would come back with a fat shatter that would allow Paris to retake, but Colourhex and rCk would combine their EMP and Graviton Surge to tear the Eternal down. Paris would make one final attempt to come back, but Colourhex would have built up another Graviton Surge in that time. Caught up in the Surge, Blasé would wipe out everyone on the Eternal using Brigitte’s flail. Paris would end up losing Nepal 0-2.


Although the Paris Eternal started strong, Boston would pull a classic Uprising reverse sweep and take them out after the second half. It’s unfortunate because Paris needed this win tonight, as their last match of the stage is against the Seoul Dynasty. With how good Seoul has been looking lately, Paris will need to step up their game if they want any chance of a victory next week.

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