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Packing10 and McGravy Stream with Sideshow, Chaos Ensues

During the Overwatch League season, many content creators do companion streams to the official broadcast where they have guests on and talk about the match as it is going on. This past week, Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson hosted a companion stream since he was not casting matches because of the homestand cancellations. When the Philadelphia Fusion hosted Florida Mayhem match, LA Valiant Head Coach Mike “Packing10” Szklanny and Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey joined Sideshow and Brennon “Bren” Hook on stream to react to the match. Here are some of the highlights.

Bren’s Talent Takedown Secret?

The 2019 Overwatch League Talent Takedown was a blast of a time for fans during the All-Star Break. Super was on commentary doing his signature trash talk on the casters and plenty of meme plays occurred in game. One thing that was not a meme was the way Brennon “Bren” Hook performed during the Talent Takedown. His Widowmaker put many a caster to an early grave and his Genji produced great results as well. Apparently according to Bren, a few of his fellow talent members thought he had help.

C9’s a Plenty on the Anniversary

This past weekend was the anniversary of the original C9 from OGN Apex Season 2, and the teams did not disappoint. For those who do not know the origin of C9ing, this is how the story goes. Cloud9 (C9) was playing Afreeca Freecs Blue in the group stages of that season. When playing on control, Cloud9 completely forgot to stop Afreeca Freecs from capping the point on back ton back points to lose the map. With that, C9 became the unanimous reference to players not capping or contesting points. The match between the Fusion and the Justice featured quite a few C9s. Of the three that occoured, the wildest of all occurred on map 4. The Fusion needed to only burn 30 second of the clock to win the map, so they decided to push up and not let the Justice even get to the point. The only problem was that Ark got there and Fusion C9ed. Their reaction was priceless.

Packing10 on the lack of Western Flex Supports

During the Fusion’s player introductions Sideshow’s chat asked a interesting question. That person asked “Why has Western Overwatch caught up at every position aside from flex support”. Looking at the facts, that person is not wrong at all. Only four OWL teams prominently feature Western flex supports: the Fuel with Crimzo, the Gladiators with Shaz, the Reign with Dogman/Kodak and finally the Eternal with HyP/Greyy. Rawkus does not even count anymore because he splits time with Rapel currently. If there is no preeminent Western talent in OWL as of now, there surely must be in Contenders. As Contenders rosters are currently constructed there are no up an coming Western flex support coming up, only main supports. Here is what Packing10 had to say about the state of Western flex supports.

Stratus Tweeting at Halftime???

Washington Justice DPS Ethan “Stratus” Yankel is quite the showman. He is known for his flowing hair, his dark sunglasses and also his trash talk. While playing the Philadelphia Fusion, Stratus decided to take a tweet break during halftime to talk about the game at hand. It is safe to say no one saw that coming.

Hafficool had Beef with Packing10?

LA Valiant Head Coach Packing10 has a long history with Overwatch. He coached in NA Contenders and EU Contenders before becoming the LA Valiant Head Coach. During his time in EU Coaching Angry Titans though, he made a few enemies. Hafficool, the Icelandic flex tank who at the time was with British Hurricane, butted heads with Packing10 on occasion. But when he joined OWL, Hafficool told Sideshow his true feelings on Packing10.


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