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Pacific West Fantasy All-Star Roster

This article series has already gone through half of the Overwatch League pre-split divisions of the Atlantic South, Atlantic North. That means it is now time to dive into the Pacific Region of the Pacific West and Pacific East. This week’s article is going to be focus on just the All-Star roster for the Pacific West in the Overwatch League. That includes some big hitting teams in the League in the form of the Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant, Los Angeles Gladiators, San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans.

A reminder of the rules; each Overwatch League team cannot have more than two players in the All-Star Line up. There will a total of 10 players per Overwatch League team, 6 starters and 4 substitutes. The list below won’t differentiate between starters or substitutes, as honestly any of these players could start. For this region, all are located in NA, but if they weren’t for the sake of organization this will be according to the Overwatch League pre-drawn up regional divisions.This is, of course, subjective and is not an all mighty and knowing list.

Pacific West:

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel 2020
Dallas Fuel 2020
  • Guiun ‘Decay’ Jang – DPS
    • The community was up in arms when Decay was taken out of the line up going up to the Summer Showdown. He is not only a fan favorite, but a killer DPS. He has garnered fans with his prowess alongside his partner in crime Doha ‘Doha’ Kim. This would provide an opportunity for him to play with other DPS he had matched against in the past.
  • Youngjin ‘Gamsu’ Noh – Tank
    • Gamsu is one of the most wholesome players in the League. He has gone to multiple different teams, and every time his leadership has shined through. His tank abilities are never put into question. It would be interesting to see how he play along side another Korean off tank, but is also able to work with English speaking off tanks that make him extremely valuable to the team.

Los Angeles Gladiators

Pacific West All-Star
Overwatch League 2019 Season Stage 2 photo:Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment
  • Indy ‘Space’ Halpern – Tank
    • Though the Gladiators have been struggling, Space is almost always a highlight of the team. It would be fun to see him play along side some of the Valiant’s DPS so fans could see what could’ve been. There are so many fan favorites on the Gladiators, but Space would definitely make the cut.
  • Benjamin ‘BigG00se’ Isohanni – Support
    • The Goose is loose! Bigg00se along with Jonas ‘Shaz’ Suovaara is one of the iconic support duos of the league. Together they have survived three season. The Finnish Duo is a mark of pride for the Gladiators. With the addition of Space, it would be Bigg00se with how the Gladiators have marketed him he seems to have a larger fan base. Though either of the Finnish duo would leave the Pacific West in good hands when it comes to support.

Los Angeles Valiant

  • Johannes ‘Shax’ Nielsen – DPS
    • The LA Valiant completely redid their roster coming into the third season of the Overwatch League. Many of the community were unsure what to expect with big names such as Youngseo ‘Kariv’ Park, Brady ‘Agilities’ Girardi, and Indy ‘Space’ Halpern going to different teams. Shax has really showed up along side the other new LA Valiant DPS to make themselves a high-mid tier team.
  • Caleb ‘McGravy’ McGarvey – Tank
    • Who can forget McGravy’s D.Va cosplay? McGravy has been vocal in the community in terms of memes, charities and playful banter. His fans would want to see him next to the big names such as Gamsu and Space. He would be a good, fun element to the team.

San Fransisco Shock

Shock Preview
Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
  • Dongjun ‘Rascal’ Kim – DPS
    • Seonchang ‘ANS’ Lee has had an explosive season, and even to account for recency bias, Rascal has a hug fan base. There are so many players on the Shock who could get voted in as they all have massive followings. Rascal bridges the gap between the NA and APAC fans with his history on Kongdoo, London, Dallas, and now Shock. He is one of the most flexible DPS in the league. Who knows whether in the All-Star match he would be on DPS or even support.
  • Hyobin ‘Choihyobin’ Choi – Tank
    • Many call Choihyobin the best Sigma. His control over the abilities and chaining them together make him a deadly opponent. He is also a master of the other off tanks as well. His well rounded hero pool and humble attitude would give a boost to the team already stacked with monster tank players. A Choihyobin and Gamsu tank duo sounds like a match made in All-Star heaven to watch.

Vancouver Titans

Vancouver Titans sHockWave
Courtesy of the Vancouver Titans
  • Alhumaidi ‘KSAA’ Alruwaili – Tank
    • Another tank?! Well All-Stars are fan voted, and KSAA has been a stand out player on the team. Randal ‘Roolf’ Stark was a close runner up being a veteran in the scene. KSAA has shown great potential and connected with many of the Titan fans. KSAA and his abilities could be shown next these talented played raising his stocks even more in the league.
  • Niclas ‘Shockwave’ Jensen – DPS
    • Shockwave has made himself a name in the Overwatch League in mere weeks. He was the explosive DPS that the Titans needed in their rebuild of the roster. Of this new iteration of the Vancouver Titans he is the one who has made an impact. It would be amazing to see him play with legends such as Rascal and Decay in an All-Star match.

Pacific West All-Stars:

The Pacific West as a support shortage. Are there amazing supports in these teams? Yes. Are there more popular players than those supports on these teams? Yes. This team would have to put Rascal of Baptist duty, which isn’t a downgrade as he is probably a top 5 Baptist player in the league. They have an over abundance of tank players, but the all the possible combinations of tank duos would be a delight for the fans to see.

Is there a player that was missed that deserves to be on the fantasy All-Star team? Comment below to explain who should be added.

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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