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Pacific East Fantasy All-Star Roster

The last division of the Pacific East fantasy All-Star roster is finally here. The three previous articles are for the Overwatch League pre-split divisions of the Atlantic South, Atlantic North and Pacific West. It is time for the APAC region to be looked at and see which players would probably be picked by the fans to represent their teams.

A reminder of the rules; each Overwatch League team cannot have more than two players in the All-Star Line up. There will a total of 10 players per Overwatch League team, 6 starters and 4 substitutes. The list below won’t differentiate between starters or substitutes, as honestly any of these players could start. For this region, all are located in APAC, but if they weren’t for the sake of organization this will be according to the Overwatch League pre-drawn up regional divisions.This is, of course, subjective and is not an all mighty and knowing list.

Pacific East:

Chengdu Hunters

  • Menghan ‘Ameng’ Ding – Tank
    • Ameng is the King Chad of the League. He is the fan favorite since he smashed fruit on top of Bren’s head in Season 2. `The master of Hammond could have a lot of fun swinging around with the other master tanks that are in this region.
  • Hu ‘Jinmu’ Yi – DPS
    • Jinmu is a stand out name. Even when the Hunters are losing, the community looks towards him to put up big numbers no matter what DPS he is on. Fans could see what Jinmu could really get done with an All-Star team behind him.

Guangzhou Charge

Photo Courtesy of the Guangzhou Charge on Twitter
  • Jungwoo ‘Happy’ Lee – DPS
    • Need a Widow? Call Happy. His deadly sniper skills have brought down many of his fellow All-Stars on this list. His perfect aim and self sufficient play style would allow his other DPS to take the resources to make plays.
  • Jinseo ‘Shu’ Kim – Support
    • Shu has been a quiet killer. He has slowly been creeping up to be one of the most solid supports in the APAC region. His Baptist, if not checked, can decimate an enemy team. Shu would be the perfect partner in crime for either of the other two main supports on the Pacific East All-Star team.

Hangzhou Spark

Hangzhou Spark 2020 Season Preview
via @Hangzhou_Spark
  • Kyeongbo ‘GodsB’ Kim – DPS
    • Godsb has become a standout name within the Overwatch League. He has had a few issues with coordination lately, but being able to play next to other stars like Happy and Jinmu would be fun to watch. He could show that he is able to be flexible enough to play in any meta and with any DPS.
  • Qiulin ‘Guxue’ Xu- Tank
    • Guxue has an edge, as he is used to having a team full of Korean players. A Guxue and Ameng double main tank duo is something all fans would love to witness. His personality would vibe well with the other players in the Pacific East All-Star Team. He hasn’t had much time playing along side other Chinese players, and this could be his opportunity to do so!

Shanghai Dragons

The Best Overwatch League Tank Lineups
Image Courtesy of the Shanghai Dragons
  • Jaegon ‘LeeJaeGon’ Lee – Support
    • The risk taking LeeJaeGon is a new comer to the Overwatch League, but not to Overwatch in general. His time on Runaway has boosted his notability as well as his all in performances with the Shanghai Dragons. There is no doubt that the Dragons have many fan favorites that could be picked, but LeeJaeGon is one of those players the community can’t help and cheer for.
  • Seyeon ‘Geguri’ Kim – Tank
    • Geguri is the un rivaled queen of the Overwatch League. SNS goes wild whenever the Dragons put her in for a map. Her fame and fans haven’t gone down since her addition to the team, but if anything has gone up. There is no way that the fans would not vote their Frog Queen into All-Stars. Maybe the community would get to see her legendary Zarya along side Guxue or Ameng!

Seoul Dynasty

Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang – Support
    • Tobi is the last member of the Lunatic-Hai core roster that the Seoul Dynasty started out with. He is the fashionista, now one of the oldest members, of the team. Though other players in the past two seasons have come in as another main support, Tobi has prevailed in surviving. His Lucio, Baptist, and now Brig is in top form. To see him next to Shu could be a deadly pairing for any of the other All-Star teams.
  • Dongeon ‘FITS’ Kim  – DPS
    • The debate between Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park and FITS was thought about for a long time. Profit is the master flex, MVP, Season 1 winner of the Overwatch League. If one looks at the ranks of the clans in the Seoul Dynasty Discord, FITS is ranked higher in how many members are in his clan. FITS fans from his singing, POTM intro, and pop off flexibility in game has gained him many fans. It would be nice to see him recognized for his hard work to be included in the All-Star team.

Pacific East All-Stars:

pacific east all stars

The Pacific East is pretty well balanced. There are multiple main tanks, but with the shifting meta a double main tank is not unheard of like it would’ve been in Season 1.

Now that all of the four divisions are compiled, which of the teams do you think would win? Which squad has the strongest or weakest All-Star line up? Is there a player that was missed that deserves to be on the fantasy All-Star team? Comment below to explain who should be added.

Pacific East


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