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OWWC Team Report: Team Canada

The great white north is well known for a lot of things; Ice Hockey, Skiing and very sassy home run celebrations all come to mind when one thinks of Canadian sports.

Canada isn’t just known for these though. The mention of Team Canada can strike fear into the hearts of most Overwatch players who are familiar with what Team Canada has done in the past. A second place in the 2017 cup and a third in 2018 has made Canada no stranger to the podium, but they would definitely want to step it up and take the crown this year. Here’s a look at what this powerhouse is working with.

The Roster

DPS: Lane “Surefour” Roberts

Image Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Surefour has been one of the most flexible DPS players largely since the beginning of Overwatch. With proficiency in many DPS and tanks he is an asset to any team in any meta. He’s taken his talents to the Gladiators as of late, where he has seen play in many different metas and has been a fantastic addition to the team.

DPS: Brady “Agilities” Girardi

Ah, Agilities. The man responsible for arguably the greatest Genji play of all time is back on Team Canada, and he’s ready to rock once again. Once a mainstay on Immortals, Agilities has taken his talents to the other LA Team, the Valiant. He has been particularly noted for his skills on heroes such as Genji and Pharah.

DPS: Liam “Mangachu” Campbell

Rounding off this trio of DPS stars is Mangachu. Mangachu has had a somewhat tumultuous career since the OWL’s inception, bouncing around the lower tiers before finding a home in Toronto. Known for the infamous “Hammer Kill”, Mangachu’s expertise also revolves around projectile DPS, not just Torb but also characters like Hanzo and Pharah.

Tank: Lucas “NotE” Meissner

NotE’s main claim to fame is probably being a part of the Boston Uprising team that shocked the entire league and turned in the first undefeated stage in league history. The Uprising ended up not really panning out in the long run, however, and NotE now plays for the Fuel. An off tank player that was noted for his proficiency on D.Va back during the reign of the MEKA pilot, NotE is a force to be reckoned with on any off tank.

Tank: Felix “xQc” Lengyel

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Oh boy, where to even start. xQc is a strong contender for the best overall Winston player of all time, but a ton of breaks, controversies and team bouncing has made for a wild career that has arguably held him back from his full potential. He currently acts as a backup for the Gladiators Legion. He is most known for his Winston play, but he is more than competent on every main tank on the roster.

Support: Chris “Bani” Benell

Finally we come to the supports. Bani has been a staple of the Outlaws since the league came to fruition, and he was one of the members of FNRGFE before they took up the mantle of Houston’s team. Bani is good at and can play most supports. As such, what he plays will likely be based off of what team Canada needs. Expect to see Lucio out of him, however.

Support: William “Crimzo” Hernandez

Last but not least is Crimzo. Crimzo may be the only player on the roster with no OWL experience, but no one should be blind to what he can do. Crimzo plays for the once legendary Team EnvyUs, who are now a T2 staple. He will likely be on off support duties, so expect a lot of Moira play from him.


This is actually the exact same roster that took home a podium finish last year, so these guys have a lot to live up to. They could be a potential favorite to take the whole thing if they play to their full potential, so keep an eye on our friends from the north.

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