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OWLxAnimalCrossing who has been playing?

The game Animal Crossing New Horizons was released on March 20 2020. A lot of people have been anticipating the new Animal Crossing game since the announcement. Now that the game has been released it had gained the attention of the players as well. So which of the OWL players has been sucked into the wondrous world of Animal Crossing?

Who has been playing the game so far?

So far NYXL’s Bang ‘’Jjonak’’ Seonghyeon, Seoul Dynasty teammates  Park ‘’Profit’’ Junyoung and Choi ‘’Bdosin’’ Seungtae have been giving in to the crazy and have been posting on their Instagram Stories. Even Vancouver Titans player Baek ‘’Fissure’’ Chanhyeong has been streaming it on his Twitch channel. Boston Uprising’s Gabriel ‘’Swimmer’’ Levy has been seen posting images of the game on his Twitter.

Players in the game

Jjonak posted a photo of his new Switch light and the game, it seems like he bought a Switch just to play the new Animal Crossing game.

Jjonak’s Instagram Story (@jjonaklove)

Bdosin and Profit have been playing the game too. Bdosin’s photo says ‘’달걀계란’’ meaning ‘’an egg’’ referring to the egg fence and egg balloons in his game with the ‘’Bunny Day’’ event going on in the game. While Profit posted a photo of night time in the game in front of his tent with the cherry blossom trees.

Bdosin’s and Profit’s Instagram Stories (@bdosin_ow and @profitow)

Swimmer posted a photo on his twitter saying the Cherry blossoms are beautiful in the game. Whether this indicates they play the game too or not, it show’s the impact the game has on people in the gaming community.

OWLxAnimalCrossing who has been playing
Swimmer’s tweet on their Twitter (@SwimmerOW)

Fissure has been streaming his Animal Crossing New Horizons adventures on his Twitch where fans can see him play the game.

OWLxAnimalCrossing who has been playing
Fissure’s Twitch stream (@fissure_ow)

OWL jerseys in the game

Jjonak asked about making a jersey in the game on his Instagram Stories. Twitter user Ghostless responded with a jersey on twitter.

Fans of the Overwatch League have been crafting jerseys and other clothing items of different teams, some also for specific players so people to wear in the game.

A jersey for Florida Mayhem’s head coach Kuki.

Team jerseys for the Shanghai Dragons, Hangzhou Spark and NYXL.

Aside from OWL fans, there has been a team that also released their own in-game jerseys.
The Seoul Dynasty posted a tweet where fans could see the grid and make their own jersey and hat for in the game.

All in all Animal Crossing hasn’t only appealed to the hardcore Animal Crossing player but also to the pro-scene. With these players playing now who can tell how many more of them will follow.

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