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OWl Week 14 Games to Bet on and Ones to Stay Away From

Vancouver Titans Andante

The Overwatch League rolls on into Week 14 with some pretty good matchups. The new Vancouver Titans roster will be coming out for the first time, likely from Contenders. London will also be playing in their first matches since way back in Week 4 at the Houston Outlaws Homestand. Also, teams will finally start playing teams they either haven’t played this year or since COVID-19 stopped the world. All of this brings plenty of uncertainty and those who like to bet on the games may be wondering where to put their money? Well here are two games to bet on and one to stay away from using’s odds.

Bet On: London Spitfire at 2.4 vs. Chengdu Hunters at 1.53

Chengdu have sadly sputtered out of the gate. Maybe it is just because the competition in Asia is so tough but they have also struggled to adapt to the ever-changing meta. Because of this they have a 3-8 record and don’t seem to be on the way to many more wins against tough opponents this season. While London may not be a top tier opponent they are definitely good enough to challenge and probably beat the Hunters. They have had nearly three months since their last games and are setup comfortably back home in Korea. Their three wins have come against some of the bottom of the barrel teams but they have also had a lot of time to practice and bond which was something people were worried about coming into this season. If someone is looking for a lower risk game with good odds to bet on, this might be the best one of the weekend.

Stay Away From: Both Vancouver Games

In a situation that has been going on for weeks now, the Vancouver Titans released their entire roster. They are said to be picking up a solid Tier 2 team, one that people believe are better than some of the team already in the Overwatch League. Even if that ends up being true, betting on either of the Vancouver games once the odds are out is an extremely risky bet for numerous reasons. The most important ones being that it is possible the team hasn’t played together and the second most important being that they have likely not faced OWL caliber players much in their careers. If one had to bet on either of their games because they were feeling lucky or maybe they know something no one else does then their game against the hapless Washington Justice would be the only one. Otherwise, stay as far away from this team as possible.

Bet On: Paris Eternal at 2.25 vs. LA Gladiators at 1.6

This is another battle of two teams that are close in terms of talent but the odds would make anyone think that the Glads are definitely favored. Depending on the weekend, Paris could be either mediocre or come out like gangbusters and rollover the Gladiators. It really just depends, but most of the time Paris come out ready to play. LA are a strong team in their own right but have yet to put it all together. Their only major win is against the Shock and San Francisco had one of their worst weekends in recent memory. Because of this, the game really could go either way and taking a chance on the Eternal to double the money put down is definitely not a bad decision this weekend.

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