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OWL Updates the Map Pool as the Season Resumes

Yesterday the Overwatch League Social Media announced a surprise episode of Watchpoint that would occur today. No one knew what would be talked about during the broadcasts, but it would likely pertain to the league’s plans regarding the continuation of league play among other things that were announced, OWL Commisioner Jon Spector announced a change to the map pool that would begin when the season resumed.


  • Ilios, Nepal, BusanE, Lijiang Tower, Oasis

All five control maps were already in the map pool because of the tiebreaker structure. With no other control maps in the game, there were no changes

Assault (2CP)

  • +: Volskaya Industries, Paris
  • -: Temple of Anubis, Horizon: Lunar Colony

The Assault map pool isn’t completely new. Hanamura remains as the lats map from the original pool to remain in this second stage. Meanwhile, Temple of Anubis and Horizon: Lunar Colony get the axe in favor of Volskaya Industries and Paris. The latter of which will surely not please the fans at all.


  • +: Hollywood, Numbani
  • -: Blizzard World, King’s Row

Much like Assault, only one map remains from the original pool. Eichenwalde is the lone returning map from the first pool of this season. In place of fan favorites King’s Row and Blizzard World fans can now look forward to Hollywood and Numbani. Blizzard shifted out two maps that were not as high ground intensive on the first point and switched them for two high ground focused maps. It will be interesting to see what teams come up with.


  • +: Route 66, Rialto
  • -: Junkertown, Havana

Once again much like the other game modes, one map remains from the original pool. The teams will still be able to travel through the street s of Dorado during their upcoming matches in this hero pool. Instead of traversing the barren wastelands of Junkertown and the Cuban paradise that is Havana, teams will be fighting around the canal’s of Rialto and wild west that is Route 66.

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