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Overwatch League Matches Returning Next Week (3/15/20)

Due to COVID-19, many esports have postponed the matches set for this week as they required time to figure out the logistics on how to hold the matches. The Overwatch League has decided to take the necessary steps in order to keep fans pleased and the games exciting, to move the matches online in order to guarantee the health and safety of fans, players and staff. In a special Watchpoint broadcast presented today, a revised schedule was shown. Furthermore, the divisions have been split up even further in order to accommodate the new online setting. The divisions now include Atlantic, Pacific and China. This will help teams face off against each other without heave latency issues. 

In the upcoming week, players will get to see the return of the Pacific Division with teams including both Los Angeles teams, the Seoul Dynasty and the San Francisco Shock facing off in an online setting. The matches will be streamed on Saturday, March 21 and on Sunday, March 22. Matches start at 11am PST and 1pm PST.

Overwatch League
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OWL Matches

The first match of March 21 will see the defending champions, San Francisco Shock facing off against the Seoul Dynasty. The San Francisco Shock have come off a strong performance at Dallas, beating the home team 3-1. However, the Seoul Dynasty definitely has upset potential; picking up star talent such as Profit, Gesture and Bdosin from the London Spitfire and having consistently strong performers such as Fits, Marve1, Michelle and Tobi. There is also a possibility that newly promoted flex support, Creative, might see some playing time.

The Battle for LA follows this match. A treat for all OWL fans, the Battle for LA is not going to disappoint. The Valiant had a decent showing at the Dallas Homestand. They fell to the  runner-ups in the Vancouver Titans, 3-0 and upset the home team in the Dallas Fuel, 3-1. However, the Gladiators had a close series against the Titans falling 3-2, giving newly acquired talent such as ex-Spitfire DPS Birdring, ex-Paris main tank LHCloudy and rookies Mirror and Jaru some stage experience. While the Gladiators did narrowly lose against one of the top teams in the league, the Valiant are an unexpected dark horse that could edge it out. 

On Sunday, we will see the Dynasty take on the Gladiators and the Shock face off against the Valiant.

With the new online setting, fans may get the chance to finally see what some of the teams have planned. This includes the Pacific Teams, especially those based in Asia as they have not seen any stage time. 

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